Hornet Users Tell Us About Their Best (and Worst) Valentine’s Day Ever — in Exactly 10 Words

Hornet Users Tell Us About Their Best (and Worst) Valentine’s Day Ever — in Exactly 10 Words

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. For those of us with a significant other, it can be one of the best days of the year. (Though that’s most definitely not a guarantee.) For those of us who are single AF, it’s often considered a yearly reminder we might grow old and die alone. It seems everyone has a V-Day story, good or bad. And when a “Worst Valentine’s Day story” is bad, it’s really bad.

We decided to ask Hornet users about their worst Valentine’s Day stories as the latest installment of our #10WordChallenge. (And, sure, their best ones, too.) And, as always, they didn’t fail to deliver the goods.

From nice nights on the town including chicken wings (or a Spice Girls concert) to the ultimate in Valentine’s Day tragedy, here’s what a select few Hornet users had to say about their varied history of V-Day experiences.

Here are what some Hornet users called their best Valentine’s Day ever:

I got to go see the Spice Girls perform live. —Terrance

Buffalo Wild Wings in formal wear and karaoke with friend. —Alex

Wine and chocolate on my bed watching a good anime. –Bri

Single, and thinking about all the money I’ll be saving. —Robert

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And here are what some Hornet users called their worst Valentine’s Day ever:

Ten years we were together, ten years I spent alone. —Cage

Held out for the wrong guy, biggest mistake ever made. —Byron

Naked Boys Singing off Broadway, no Restaurants open after, starving!!!!! —John

Don’t bring food to the beach when there’s seagulls around. —Jeraud

Only kid in class not to receive Valentine’s Day cards. —Ross

My boyfriend bought someone else candy with my credit card. —Todd

No reservation for restaurant and after he paid in QUARTERS. —Jellaine

He gave me an Ayn Rand novel. What. The. Hell. —Elizabeth

My very first boyfriend broke up with me that day. —René

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And we had one Hornet user who isn’t buying into the Valentine’s Day bullsh*t whatsoever:

I do not believe in this worthless day of expectations. —Khang

Do you have a story about your worst Valentine’s Day ever? Share it with us in the comments!

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