Watch This Supercut of the Past Decade’s Best LGBTQ TV Shows

Watch This Supercut of the Past Decade’s Best LGBTQ TV Shows

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In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve officially begun a brand-new decade, though we stand on the shoulders of the 2010s when it comes to some of the best LGBTQ TV shows the medium has ever seen. And while we’re hoping for even more queerness on television over the next 10 years, this is also a great time to contemplate what were the most exciting, important and groundbreaking TV series from last decade.

And who better to rank the best LGBTQ TV shows of the 2010s than Hornet users, queer men from around the globe?

Back in December we asked the guys of Hornet to vote on what they considered the best LGBTQ TV shows of the 2010s. They let us know, and we racked up votes from thousands of guys worldwide. Some of these series were renowned for their LGBTQ characters, while others had powerful gay storylines. Still others were just queer from their very inception.

Here are the best LGBTQ TV shows of the 2010s, as voted on by Hornet users:

12. Broad City

It just doesn’t get funnier than these two ladies, who are set to bring us even more hilarity (though, sadly, maybe not together) in the 2020s.

11. Transparent

Sure, the show ran into some scandal toward the end, but it was the first really successful TV series all about a trans person — groundbreaking!

10. Orange Is the New Black

It’s crazy to think this was one of the very first offerings by Netflix, a company that has long offered some of the best LGBTQ TV shows out there.

9. Modern Family

The show kept people laughing throughout the decade, and so many of those laughs were courtesy of Cam and Mitchell Pritchett.

8. Queer Eye

The show was resurrected for a new generation, and we still can’t get enough.

7. True Blood

This sexy show was all about vampires, werewolves, fairies and other creatures, and it never shied away from queer sexuality.

6. Glee

Love it or hate it, Glee was proof that LGBTQ acceptance had finally made it.

5. Pose

Coming about late in the decade, this show shone a gigantic spotlight on an often overlooked community, and it did so with compelling storytelling and the perfect amount of camp.

4. Will and Grace

It’s the show that literally changed minds about LGBTQ people when it premiered, and we couldn’t be happier that it eventually came back for a round two.

3. Looking

Ah, to be a gay man living your best life in San Francisco …

2. RuPaul’s Drag Race

It’s the gayest competition show on TV, no doubt, and we just can’t get enough of these talented queens!

1. Sense8

This Netflix series, directed by the Wachowski sisters, never shied away from queer sex, which no doubt helped make it a favorite among Hornet users.

What do you think were the best LGBTQ TV shows of the 2010s? Do you agree with Hornet users?

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