Could Conservative Abby Huntsman Joining ‘The View’ Actually Be a Win for the LGBTQ Community?

Could Conservative Abby Huntsman Joining ‘The View’ Actually Be a Win for the LGBTQ Community?

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The so-called “conservative chair” on ABC’s daytime smash The View has always been a … shall we say problematic position. But will Abby Huntsman, just announced as the panel’s new addition, formerly of Fox and Friends, be any different?

From Survivor finalist and Rosie O’Donnell arch-nemesis Elisabeth Hasselbeck to evangelical soldier Candace Cameron Bure to self-proclaimed “Libertarian Conservative” Jedediah Bila, the conservative ladies of The View never seemed able to match wits and issues with legends like Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg and the show’s creator, Barbra Walters. (Although, if we’re being honest, whip-smart journalist Nicole Wallace came close.)

The entire landscape of the show changed when conservative firebrand and lifelong conservative Meghan McCain joined the show this past season as its 21st regular panelist. She matches each and every one of the ladies toe-to-toe, offering her perspective of “today’s conservatism” and — as she herself puts it — doing her best to show the ladies the perspective of the Trump voter (not that she is one herself).

McCain is known for challenging both Donald Trump and her View co-hosts, and as a longtime red state Second Amendment loyalist, she sticks to her guns. Her first season of the show was bittersweet, as we saw some of her final moments with her father, Sen. John McCain. Meghan is also a longtime friend to the LGBTQ community, and her “love is love” perspective hasn’t gone unnoticed.

(I wrote a piece back in April about how her overall perspective has been positive for the community. Read it here.)

Well, watchers of The View best prepare for another bout of red state girl power, as ABC News announced today that Fox & Friends weekend co-host is joining the show in its 22nd season, kicking off Sept. 3.

The new cast of ‘The View,’ including Abby Huntsman at right

While the press release from ABC touts Huntsman’s excitement to re-join ABC — she previously interned for Diane Sawyer and was a contributor to Good Morning America — it’s her longtime support of the LGBTQ community that makes her addition to the panel intriguing.

Like Megan McCain, Abby Huntsman is also a political heir. She’s the daughter of Jon Huntsman Jr., former Utah governor and current U.S. ambassador to Russia, which should make the frequent conversations about Russian election interference must-see daytime viewing.

Also like McCain, she worked on her father’s campaigns and received significant media attention prior to her foray into television. A lifelong member of The Church of Latter Day Saints (don’t call ’em Mormons anymore), she left the church due to its views on LGBT people and women.

In 2013, Abby Huntsman — along with Meghan McCain and Margaret Hoover (great granddaughter of former President Herbert Hoover) — released videos sponsored by Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, stating on no uncertain terms that she is for both equality for all and the freedom to marry.

To be clear, Huntsman is definitely not all rainbows and Pride floats. She defends ICE frequently, among other controversial views. But her perspective on the LGBTQ community seems leveled, current and, most of all, proudly supportive.

As the current administration continues to attack our community on many fronts, Abby Huntsman has the potential and now the platform to be one of the few reasonable, measured voices speaking for both conservatives and LGBTQ Americans alike.

What do you think of Abby Huntsman joining The View next month?

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