7 Reasons Why We’re Currently Swooning Over John Krasinski

7 Reasons Why We’re Currently Swooning Over John Krasinski

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Earlier this week, actor John Krasinski and Pete Davidson were trending online. Why? Because they kissed. The Jack Ryan star hosted Saturday Night Live, and things clearly took a surprising twist during his opening monologue.

That got us thinking about Krasinski. The man’s been on our TVs and the big screen for over a decade now — eventually branching from acting to directing for A Quiet Place and its upcoming sequel — but who is here?

Actor John Krasinski from his recent SNL-hosting stint (Photo: NBC | NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

We’ve since uncovered some interesting facts about actor John Krasinski and his life. Take a look:

1. John Krasinski is tall, but he’s still the shortest of his siblings.

Standing at 6’3″, you wouldn’t think of John Krasinski as a small guy. But if you knew his family, your perspective might change. The actor is, believe it or not, the shortest of his siblings. Both his brothers are taller than him, and one stands at 6’10”!

2. He never intended to be an actor.

What was actor John Krasinski like when he was younger? Well, he was a very academic kid. In fact, back then he wanted to teach other people when he grew up. Specifically, he wanted to be an English teacher. Krasinski even taught English in Costa Rica before going to college.

“I actually never intended to be an actor,” he said in video during a Twitter Q&A with fans in 2016. “I went to college to be an English teacher. That’s what I wanted to be. Probably based on a movie. ‘Cause I’d seen Dead Poets Society and I thought, ‘I could get kids to stand on desks. Perfect.’ No, I loved teaching and I loved English. So, I thought that was what I was gonna do until I got bit by the bug, as they say.”

Krasinski beefed-up for his ‘Jack Ryan’ role.

3. It was his The Office co-star B.J. Novak who convinced him to act.

That “bug” came courtesy of longtime friend B.J. Novak — you know, Ryan from The Office? Turns out, he and Krasinski were high school classmates. And it was Novak who convinced him to give acting a try by getting him to audition for a school play. He then kept badgering Krasinski to keep the acting up. 

4. Actor John Krainski has some serious formal training.

But again, actor John Krasinski is an academic. And despite no longer wishing to be a teacher, he still wanted to learn. So he received formal training at the National Theatre Institute in Waterford, Connecticut. He then went on to study at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

5. We hear he can make a strong cocktail.

Before he got famous, John Krasinski made money as a bartender, working at a lot of bars and restaurants — nine, to be exact. And the future actor got fired from all nine gigs! While he hasn’t shared stories of how he got fired from all those jobs, he shared once on the Today Show that he got fired from one bar by over-serving customers. Once, he says, he gave drinks to already intoxicated girls who then vomited all over the bar, and he got fired.

6. He once interned for Conan O’Brien, and now Conan interviews him about new projects.

While bartending to make money, Krasinski interned to get his foot in the door of the entertainment industry. He interned for none other than comedian Conan O’Brien, working as a script intern. And now he’s occasionally getting interviewed by O’Brien for his acting and directorial work. It’s funny how things change.

Krasinski with wife Emily Blunt and their two kids

7. Like the rest of us, he’s intimidated by Chris Hemsworth’s muscles.

Did you know that director-slash-actor John Krasinski was almost Captain America? In fact, Krasinski got so far in the audition process that he actually tested in the costume. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the part.

Part of what Krasinski remembers about the whole Marvel audition process is the fact that he was intimidated by Thor actor Chris Hemsworth. And it wasn’t so much Hemsworth’s personality but more his hulking body. Krasinski assumed he wouldn’t get the role because he wasn’t ripped enough, and while he indeed didn’t get the role, he later bulked up for his Jack Ryan titular character. 

These days, Krasinski’s fans are lobbying for him to get a different Marvel part, Mr. Fantastic, the lead in the MCU’s upcoming Fantastic Four introduction. Ultimately, of course, the final decision is for Marvel Studios to decide.

Are you a fan of actor John Krasinski?

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