RuPaul Got Hopped Up on Coffee While Filming ‘All Stars 4’ and Flipped His Wig

RuPaul Got Hopped Up on Coffee While Filming ‘All Stars 4’ and Flipped His Wig

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Any Drag Race fan knows that if they want the scoop, they should listen to What’s the Tee?, RuPaul‘s podcast with co-host Michelle Visage. This week’s episode has a doozy of a reveal. RuPaul says that, after four cups of coffee, while filming an episode of All Stars 4, he went off.

RuPaul opens the segment by praising the Starbucks quad-latte grande with almond milk that he likes. But on one day of filming All Stars 4, it appears Ru liked his coffee a bit too much: He had four in a row, the equivalent of 16 shots of espresso, as Visage helpfully points out.

“Jacked on java,” as he put it, Ru said he went “friggin’ crazy” and started screaming at the top of his lungs.

They laugh about how the cast and crew were “shitting their pants,” as Visage put it. Visage chuckles and says that she knew this side of RuPaul before and that the outburst was more like “old Ru.”

She says, “I’ve known Ru for 30 years. I just sat back and let her have her fun.”

Sadly, Ru doesn’t reveal many details about what set him off. He does say that it was a special episode, but leaves it for viewers to guess which episode he flips out on. But if you’ve ever wondered how RuPaul likes to prepare his coffee, now you know.

Very few details about All Stars 4 have come out yet. About the only thing we know (other than at one point RuPaul loses his cool) is that it’ll premiere sometime in 2019. Rumors have swirled about which queens are returning, but the cast hasn’t been officially announced yet.

Listen to the new episode of What’s the Tee? where RuPaul dishes on All Stars 4 below (the relevant part starts about one hour in):

What do you think happened on All Stars 4 to make RuPaul flip out?

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