This New Six-Part Webseries Documents Andrea Mares’s Yearlong Transition Journey

This New Six-Part Webseries Documents Andrea Mares’s Yearlong Transition Journey

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This month, Buzzfeed is presenting The Andrea Mares Project, a six-part docuseries documenting Andrea Mares, a trans-feminine Latinx, as she goes on her transition journey.

Andrea Mares’s story takes you through a year of her life and her transition. It examines the intersections of her various identities — as Latinx and as trans — and the way Andrea finds her most authentic self.

About her story, Andrea says:

When I first started transitioning, I was overwhelmed because I had never met another Trans Latina and had so many questions. I turned to YouTube for stories that looked and sounded like me. While I did find a few videos that I resonated with, it was almost impossible to find anything at the intersection of being Trans and Mexican.

That’s when I realized what an opportunity we had in sharing my story and helping others feel less alone. My hope is that people who are thinking about transitioning will see some of themselves (or their future) in my story.

I’m really excited to share this journey with the world and hope that it can inspire people to step into their more authentic self, or, at least, learn more about some of the complexities that Trans Latinas face.

The Andrea Mares Project will be released through June 25. You can watch the first two episodes below.

In this first installment of the series, Andrea takes us through her background and upbringing, experience with male privilege, initial transitioning doubt and the policing of gender within the community. Her honesty, openness and nuanced understanding of the various structures and ideologies that contribute to identity in our culture are both compelling and refreshing.

“What it means to transgress, what it means to transcend, what it means to be transgender — is feeling more comfortable with the fluidity, feeling more comfortable with different manifestations of your gender,” she says.

Episode 2 of The Andrea Mares Project:

Will you be tuning into The Andrea Mares Project this month? Save the entire playlist here so you don’t miss an episode.

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