From a ‘Scream Queen’ to a ‘Gossip Girl,’ Here Are Our 5 Favorite Badass Women on TV

From a ‘Scream Queen’ to a ‘Gossip Girl,’ Here Are Our 5 Favorite Badass Women on TV

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It’s no secret gay guys love strong, powerful, confident women so much. Maybe we just connect more with badasses than kind heroes? While we’re still looking for an answer, that hasn’t stopped us from compiling our list of our 5 favorite badass women currently on TV.


1. Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts)

Girls would die to be Chanel Oberlin. #ScreamQueens

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Anyone who’s watched Scream Queens will agree that no one can compare to Chanel Oberlin when it comes to bullying, manipulation and insulting people. Although Emma Roberts, Chanel’s actress, isn’t very tall, she managed to make her character utterly fierce and imposing. If you’d never seen Roberts in any other roles, you’d think she was just playing herself — that’s the mark of a great actress, and why Chanel’s our number one.


2. Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev)

On The Vampire Diaries, Katherine Pierce looks exactly like Elena, the kind and altruistic protagonist. But personality-wise, they couldn’t be more different. A sexy, curly-haired brunette with high heels, Katherine (played by Nina Dobrev) is a master manipulator who can make any man fall for her. And that includes the viewers — this reporter stopped watching when she left the show.


3. Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen)

Jenny Humphrey is the true star of Gossip Girl. You might ask, “what about Blair or Serena?” Well, though everyone on Gossip Girl is tough, it’s the gothic Barbie doll that’s the best. Jenny (played by Taylor Momsen) climbed her way to the top and even scared the main queen, Blair. We loved watching her change from Good Jenny to Bad Jenny. Though we get why she left the show to focus on her band, The Pretty Reckless, Gossip Girl was never the same.


4. Annalise Keating (Viola Davis)

Annalise Keating is back running things September 28! #HTGAWM #TGIT

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Annalise Keating is one of the most famous lawyers on American TV. The main character of How to Get Away With Murder might not be as young as the other girls, but she’s totally the strongest one. Though everyone says they hate Viola Davis’ character, they’re just afraid of her strength. After all, who wouldn’t want to be part of her life? And when her inner turmoil was revealed, we just loved her more.


5. Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp)

Last but not the least, we’ve got one more tall blond. Emily Thorne (a.k.a Amanda Clark) is the star of ABC’s Revenge. We may not have liked her at first, but by the end of season 1, we fell in love. She’s so perfect with her immaculate control over her emotions — and we can help but be awed by her fighting skill. Unlike the other badass women on our list, she never reveals her true face. We’re sad Revenge isn’t on anymore — we miss her!


Honorable mentions

This isn’t the complete list, of course. We could have easily mentioned Dynasty‘s Fallon Carrington, Riverdale‘s Cheryl Blossom, pretty much everyone from 2 Broke Girls and more.



Did we leave out any of your favorite badass women on TV? Let us know in the comments!


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