The Web Just Got Its First Look at Ruby Rose as Queer Crime-Fighter Batwoman

The Web Just Got Its First Look at Ruby Rose as Queer Crime-Fighter Batwoman

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It was only in July that The CW, a network beloved by tweens and nerds alike, announced it was developing a Batwoman series to sit alongside its popular Arrow, Flash and Supergirl series. Today the web got its very first look at the crime-fighting character, decked out in cowl and cape, and it is marvelous. Of course, whether this Batwoman first look will appease the many LGBTQ people who were staunchly opposed to Ruby Rose’s casting … well, that’s yet to be seen.

When The CW announced that in addition to developing the show it was looking for a real-life queer person to play the lead — as Batwoman is a lesbian in the comic books — it was met with sniffling from uptight conservatives and real hope from the queer community. As we previously reported, a lesbian Batwoman would be the first queer lead in any mainstream superhero film or TV series.

Then came the backlash.

In August, casting for the lead in Batwoman was announced. Greg Berlanti and his CW team (including writer and producer Caroline Dries, also an out queer woman) had decided on Ruby Rose, known for her work on Orange Is the New Black and who self-identifies as genderfluid. Instead of being ecstatic by this latest round of queer visibility in casting, some of LGBTQ Twitter was downright furious.

Ruby Rose

Criticisms have ranged from “she’s too famous” (one angry Twitter user referred to Ruby Rose as “well known and liked by straight girls”) to upset because Rose is not Jewish (the character canonically is). Others have said Rose isn’t a great representative for the queer community, pointing out that Rose was accused of outing Demi Lovato back in 2013 when she spoke about sleeping with the singer. And still others believe the series passed up the opportunity to give a lesser-known actress a career boost.

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Of course, critiques aside, having an openly queer actress play a queer role on a major TV network is serious progress in the right direction.

The CW just gave us our Batwoman first look

Today’s Batwoman first look tells us that as far as this character is concerned, it appears The CW isn’t straying too far from the comic book. What we can see is a look completely reminiscent of the print title, including the Bat-symbol on her chest, the red-and-black color scheme (including that long, bright red hair) and cape.

The Batwoman suit was actually designed by Colleen Atwood, whose name you might know from being perpetually nominated for Academy Awards for Best Costume Design. (She has 12 Oscars.)

Batwoman will debut in “Elseworlds,” a three-night crossover event

Look out for Batwoman — portrayed by Ruby Rose in the above kick-ass costume — on one episode each of The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl, starting Dec. 9.

In the crossover we will see Supergirl, Green Arrow and The Flash travel to Gotham City to stop a big baddie. Tyler Hoechlin will be reprising his role as Superman in the crossover, which will also apparently introduce the character of Lois Lane.

What do you think of this Batwoman first look? Will you be watching?

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