Wait, Should I Eat This If I’m Going to Bottom Later?

Wait, Should I Eat This If I’m Going to Bottom Later?

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While it often seems like Mother Nature thought of everything, she forgot to give bottoms of the world something they’d really love: self-cleaning functionality. Sure, you could douche like crazy, or you could refuse to eat anything for 24 hours before having sex, but neither of those options are good ideas. And still, there’s always that sneaking fear of an “accident” once things get hot and heavy if bottoming is in the cards. But is there a special “bottom diet” that could offer guidance?

While there’s obviously no definitive answer to “What can I eat before bottoming?” — every human body is, of course, different — there are foods that can at the very least supply a modicum of comfort, meaning you aren’t exactly playing Russian Roulette the next time your lover has a throbbing desire to give it to you.

Beware: There’s some serious poop talk ahead.

The Bottom Diet: Choose These Foods Before Bottoming

1. High-Fiber Foods

“Go with high-fiber foods — vegetables, fruits, wholegrain cereals,” says French naturopath Rodrigue Bilard. Fiber is indeed a bottom’s best friend.

Soluble fiber becomes viscous in the intestine and facilitates the molding of your stool. This kind of fiber is found in the flesh of fruits, vegetables, oats and flax seeds.

Insoluble fiber is present in the skins of fruits and vegetables, in whole grains, in wheat bran and in chickpeas or lentils — things you would soak before cooking them so they do not ferment once digested. (Avoid vegetables like cabbage, which tends to ferment inside the body.)

2. Rice and Pasta

Rice and pasta also give your stool some consistency. Don’t overcook them, though, so their absorption powers take place in your stomach and not in the pan.

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3. Water

To be fully efficient, soluble fiber needs liquid. It’s therefore very important that you drink a lot of water when planning to bottom.

4. Natural Food Supplements

Rather than shell out cash for expensive food supplements, often enriched with additives, opt for natural alternatives like psyllium, easily found in all organic specialty stores. Enjoy a spoonful every morning with a little water and you’ll quickly see that, thanks to its viscous and absorbent nature, your stool will be better molded and “regular.”

The Bottom Diet: Avoid These Foods Before Bottoming

1. Junk Food and Processed Foods

Your stomach doesn’t really know what to do with foods that are high in fat, salt or sugar. If you’re planning on bottoming later, maybe stay away from that Big Mac or glazed donut.

2. Red Meat and Sausages

A bottom diet doesn’t require you to banish any and all red meat from your plate, but these fatty or fermented foods are best consumed in moderation before bottoming. Instead, get your dose of protein from white meats, eggs, non-fatty fish or veggies.

3. The Coffee – Alcohol – Cigarette Combo

Your late-night vices are a party pooper. Literally.

4. Artificial Sweeteners

In addition to their potentially carcinogenic effects, sweeteners can have a laxative effect and swell your stomach. So slow it down with those diet sodas, and you can also say goodbye to unwanted gas.

5. Fermented Dairy Products

Especially yogurts and most cheeses — these are a no-go.

6. Spicy Foods

The more spicy your meal, the less your body is able to accommodate it. Avoiding spicy foods also means less worry about hemorrhoids.


As you can see, while there’s no official “bottom diet,” focusing on fiber and consuming a balanced diet will allow you to be a power bottom ‘ready to go’ on any occasion. Even better, by pairing these tips with physical activity, you’ll feel great. Most importantly when bottoming, learn to listen to your body to find out what works for you and what doesn’t.

Above all, don’t panic if “shit happens.” That’s just how life works.

Got any tips of your own for when it comes to bottoming or your own “bottom diet”? Let us know.

This article was originally published on February 1, 2021. It has since been updated.

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