Brooke Candy Debut ‘SEXORCISM’ Is a F*ck Frenzy Free-for-All

Brooke Candy Debut ‘SEXORCISM’ Is a F*ck Frenzy Free-for-All

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If the six-breasted spread-eagled creature that greets you on the cover of Brooke Candy debut SEXORCISM doesn’t clue you in, the opening track “Nymph” will. This pansexual rapper isn’t just here to boast and throw down. She’s in the throes of a fuck frenzy free-for-all that makes ratchet queens like Rico Nasty and CupcakKe look like choirgirls.

Erotica is my favorite Madonna album,” she has said, “and I wanted this [record] to feel like that. She was in her sexual prime, and, right now, I feel the same. I feel like I’m harnessing the most sexual energy that I’ve ever had; it literally feels like a sexorcism.”

Photo by Rony Alwin

Instead of cautionary psalms and holy water, Brooke Candy treats us to 12 ditties bound to make your blood run hot to the orifice of your choice. “Drip (feat. Erika Jayne)” opens the floodgates of an active pussy searching for a welcoming mouth. She warns her lover about the massive wet spot she’s about to drop in the middle of her “XXXTC (feat. Charli XCX & Maliibu Mitch)”.  She’s primed and ready to “Cum (feat. Iggy Azalea),” maybe after she gets you to “Rim (feat. Violet Chachki & Aquaria).”

If you’re even the least bit squeamish about sex (or uncomfortable talking about it), this is not the record for you. Brooke Candy has spoken often in favor of the legalization of sex work and has been trolled for her sex-positive ideals.

“Once in a while, there’s a comment like, ‘You’re better than this. Why do you have to show your ass? Why do you have to wear that outfit? Why do you have to sing about your pussy?’” she has said. “It’s because we’re owning it, we’re taking it back. It’s us reclaiming all of these things that you’ve said we can’t do.”

Regardless of whether you’re a voracious libertine or a high-collared prude, one thing is for certain: Brooke Candy debut SEXORCISM is bound to make your head spin.

Brooke Candy debut SEXORCISM is out today.

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