This Re-Edited ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Trailer Imagines a 1983 Version of the Oscar-Winning Movie

This Re-Edited ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Trailer Imagines a 1983 Version of the Oscar-Winning Movie

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We’ve all been there. You’re watching a movie like Call Me By Your Name and thinking, “You know, this movie is beautifully moving and all, but wouldn’t it be better if it were a ’80s teen comedy in the vein of The Breakfast Club?” Thanks to YouTuber Malcolm Edits, you no longer have to wonder about what could have been — he recut the film into a Call Me By Your Name 1980s trailer.

The ’80s version is retitled Call Me and “comes out” in Summer 1983, complete with era-appropriate soundtrack — including “Oh Yeah” by Yello, “Whip It” by DEVO and “I Melt With You” by Modern English. (Though the insufferable music nerd in us has to point out that “Oh Yeah” is slightly anachronistic — that song came out in 1985. Said music nerd also wants to point out that Yello was a way better band than you might expect from “Oh Yeah.”)

Though the Call Me trailer is pretty hilarious, it’s got a serious backstory. Malcolm Edits writes, “Call Me By Your Name was probably my favorite movie this year, and as a gay guy, I kept thinking about how much I wish we’d had a movie like it when I was growing up. But then I realized that it’s probably better that it wasn’t made back then.” We’ve got to agree — even though the “squish” sound effect when “Elliott” fingers a peach is amazing. The Call Me trailer ends up making the gay relationship between Elio and Oliver subtextual — which is, like the soundtrack, era-appropriate.

If you liked the Call Me By Your Name 1980s trailer, you’ll be happy to know Malcolm Edits has a few other trailers — there’s a riff on FX’s The Americans, where the show is re-edited to be like the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” video, a Mercedes ad starring Mad Men‘s Don Draper, and a credit sequence for The Washington Leftovers, which re-imagines the HBO drama to be about the Trump Administration.


Watch the Call Me By Your Name 1980s trailer below:

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