This Fan-Created Happy Ending for ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Is Kind of Wonderful (Video)

This Fan-Created Happy Ending for ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Is Kind of Wonderful (Video)

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If you saw the 2017 bisexual romance flick Call Me By Your Name (CMBYN), then you remember its bittersweet ending. At the end of the film, Oliver, the 24-year-old American scholar, returns to the United States to marry a woman, leaving Elio, his 17-year-old Italian summer fling, alone and weepy. If that ending bummed you out, YouTuber spaceyume has created a Call Me By Your Name happy ending, and it’s kind of great.

In the original film, Oliver (played actor by Armie Hammer) spent the summer with Elio (played by Timothée Chalamet) and Elio’s academic family. Several months after leaving Elio, Oliver calls to say that he’s engaged to a woman, causing Elio to weep reflectively in front of a wintry fireplace before eventually wiping his face and smiling, presumably reminiscing about his time ruining a peach with Oliver.

The gay site Boy Culture discovered YouTuber spaceyume’s happy edit of the film’s ending. On he video’s page, spaceyume wrote, “The original ending of CMBYN is very beautiful yet heart breaking. So I tried to make this happy version just for fun.”

In his video, spaceyume incorporates clips from Hammer’s other films to imagine an ending where Oliver proposes to Elio instead of leaving him.

Here is the video of the Call Me By Your Name happy ending:

In the new ending, Oliver proposes to Elio and Elio accepts, marrying Oliver before bidding Elio’s parents farewell on a bus.

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Spaceyume’s video then flashes forward 60 years to a breakfast scene where Elio kisses Oliver and squeezes his hand, wedding ring in clear view.

It’s a bit cheesy and maudlin, but we kind of love that fans feel so strongly about CMBYN that they’re creating original works to keep the love going past the film’s final frame.

What do you think of the Call Me By Your Name happy ending? Sound off in the comments.

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