Our Favorite Character in ‘Call Me By Your Name,’ the Italian Summer Home, Is Up for Sale

Our Favorite Character in ‘Call Me By Your Name,’ the Italian Summer Home, Is Up for Sale

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The Italian Villa where the Perlman family lived in Call Me By Your Name was absolutely gorgeous. Some wags even said the Call Me By Your Name house was the best character in the film. Well, for a mere $2.7 million, you could own the house and direct where its prestigious film career goes!

The Call Me By Your Name house is a 16th century villa in Lombardy, Italy. Director Luca Guadagnino said he knew the house for ages before shooting the movie. He told Architectural Digest that he “even dreamed of buying that house.”

That said, if you’re interested in buying it, Guadagnino probably won’t be much competition. As soon as he said he dreamed of buying it, he added “Once I realized that I couldn’t afford it and didn’t really want it for my life, I knew where I was going to set the action of the film — this place with faded, aristocratic charm, that a professor and his wife might have inherited but can’t quite keep up.”

Guadagnino also told Architectural Digest he no longer had need to buy the property. “I feel like I’ll own that house forever. I had the same sensation when I did I Am Love. I shot in this very important mansion in the center of Milan, and I never went back after the wrap but it’s mine. I’ll own that house forever.”

The Call Me By Your Name house has 14 bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Lombardy is a small town that’s home to fewer than 1,000 people. The ceiling was built in by Aurelio Busso, who was a pupil of the famous artist (and ninja turtle) Raphael.

For the film, the house “was emptied and remade from scratch,” according to Guadagnino. Violante Visconti di Mondrone was the set designer and many of the furnishings were her own possessions. Some were rentals, though the old globes, maps and engravings were found in a Verona print shop. And, of course, Guadagnino and Visconti di Modrone had to get era-appropriate furnishing, as the film was set in the early 1980s.


A gallery of real-life photos of the Call Me By Your Name house

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