Meet Chance Perdomo, Who Will Play the Pansexual Warlock Cousin of ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’

Meet Chance Perdomo, Who Will Play the Pansexual Warlock Cousin of ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’

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We’re super excited for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the upcoming Riverdale spinoff about everyone’s favorite teen witch. This weekend we told you about the casting of Sabrina’s cat, Salem (plus Sabrina herself, of course), and now the Sabrina casting news continues. We’ve just found out about three more people joining the cast: Doctor Who‘s Michelle Gomez, Lucy Davis of Wonder Woman, and our new TV boyfriend, Chance Perdomo.

Michelle Gomez, whom you probably remember as Missy from Doctor Who, will be playing Mary Wardell, Sabrina’s favorite teacher. Or, at least Ms. Wardell is her favorite teacher until she’s possessed by Satan! Lucy Davis, best known as either Etta from Wonder Woman or Dawn Tinsley from the original version of The Office, will step into the role of Sabrina’s Aunt Hilda. (Hilda was played by Caroline Rhea in the ABC sitcom.)

But we’re really excited for Chance Perdomo’s debut. Though he’s had some roles in his native England, this is his first American production. He’ll be playing Ambrose Spellman, Sabrina’s sexy warlock cousin from England. According to Variety, Ambrose is “placed under house-arrest by the Witches Council, Ambrose is forbidden from leaving the funeral home where he lives with the Spellman women. Witty, puckish and pan-sexual, he is one of Sabrina’s partners in crime, always up for mischief.”

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will be another hour-long series taking a darker look at the character. The story will be based on the comic series of the same name, written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, showrunner of Riverdale and the chief creative officer of Archie Comics. Aguirre-Sacasa will also be an executive producer on the series.

Sabrina was originally intended to appear on the CW as a companion series to Riverdale. However, things fell through at the CW, and Netflix picked up the series with a two-season, 20 episode commitment. Netflix and the CW have a close relationship; Netflix handles international streaming of the CW’s shows, and in the United States, CW shows appear eight days after their season finale.

Netflix has not yet released a date for Sabrina‘s debut, however, it’s set to bow sometime in 2018.

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