Courtney Act Has No Time for Gia Gunn’s Blissful Ignorance About U.S. Politics

Courtney Act Has No Time for Gia Gunn’s Blissful Ignorance About U.S. Politics

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A Courtney Act Gia Gunn spat? Well, it appears the two Drags Race alums aren’t exactly the best of friends after a back-and-forth that took place on Twitter earlier today.

It all started when Gia Gunn shared what she likely thought would be a harmless meme on social media. It was a still image from her time on the show, quoting one of her more infamous lines, originally said to Trinity Taylor: “What you wanna do is not necessarily what you’re gonna do.”

Gia Gunn shared the meme with the comment, “Don’t even know who Nancy is cuz I hate politics but chances are you all will get a kick out of this!”

What Gia Gunn probably didn’t count on was a fellow Drag Race alum clapping back with a vengeance about Gia’s ignorance when it comes to U.S. politics. But that’s what happened when Courtney Act came across the tweet.

“Wow. You should actually delete your account. It’s nice that you are privileged enough to hate politics, Gia, but girl your humans rights should be more important to you than that,” read Courtney Act’s response, followed by, “Just yesterday, on the day she was sworn in, Speaker Pelosi said ‘We will make America fairer by passing the Equality Act to end discrimination against the LGBTQ community’ (under federal law). She’s a major ally to our community. THAT’S who Nacy [sic] Pelosi is.”

This hint at a Courtney Act Gia Gunn spat had received thousands of likes at the time of this story’s publication.

Many others on Twitter had a lot to say about Gia Gunn’s acknowledged ignorance. One person clapped back, “You hate politics? So you just play an activist on tv then?”

Another: “‘I hate politics’ = my privilege keeps me from being affected by politics. As a woman, a member of the LGBT community and a drag queen, your willful ignorance is part of the problem.”

What do you think of today’s Courtney Act Gia Gunn spat? Are you Team Courtney or Team Gia?

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