Chicago-Based Rapper CupcakKe Is Eloquent and Queer-Supportive in the Raunchiest Way Possible

Chicago-Based Rapper CupcakKe Is Eloquent and Queer-Supportive in the Raunchiest Way Possible

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If you don’t live your life on YouTube or Instagram, chances are you haven’t made the acquaintance yet of Chicago rapper CupcakKe, or her viral videos for “Vagina” and “Deepthroat” (about, respectively, well, just guess).

I heard her for the first time last month and was amazed by how quickly this filthy-mouthed rapper has amassed a body of work. Since 2016, she’s put out two mixtapes — that’d be Cum Cake and S.T.D. (Shelters to Deltas) — and two albums — Audacious and Queen Elizabitch.

Make that three albums, as Ephorize dropped last Friday, and what a gift to the New Year.

For a rapper whose stock in trade is about the glories of sex, I’m amazed CupcakKe has time to do anything else but suck dick and/or climb a 10-foot ladder to mount a dick (“Duck Duck Goose”), but she keeps herself busy (and, I hope, well-lubricated).

Born Elizabeth Eden Harris, CupcakKe came to prominence via her low-rent viral videos and comic delivery. Yet if that were all she’s about, we wouldn’t be wasting our time here.

Between sexual eruptions, she’s thrown shade at racist cops (“Picking Cotton”), tackled sexual abuse (“Pedophile”) and has buffed up her hip-hop arrangements to flirt with trap, dub, bounce, etc.

Yet best of all — and the reason we’re paying attention — is her fierce commitment to our community.

LGBT,” from her debut Audacious, is an Asian-infused party-starter. But the new record’s “Crayons” outclasses it sonically and lyrically, though her words are not for the faint of heart. After shout-outs to “takin’ anal” and “lesbian gon’ head and eat it” (not to mention “transgenders are people so I’ma treat ‘em equal”), CupcakKe rides it home on a clincher that doesn’t mince words: “like who the fuck you like, fuck the world.”

In the current political climate, when rights are being stripped away while we sleep, that’s my definition of eloquence.

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