Here’s Everything We Know About the Upcoming DC Universe Series ‘Titans’

Here’s Everything We Know About the Upcoming DC Universe Series ‘Titans’

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During this year’s Comic-Con, DC made its big push by officially announcing DC Universe, an original streaming service that will feature classic DC animated series like Batman the Animated Series along with vintage live-action offerings like the Wonder Woman series from the ’70s and various DC superhero movies from the past (think classic Superman and Tim Burton’s Batman) — and, most exciting of all, original content, like flagship DC Universe show Titans.

Based on the popular, game-changing, Marv Wolfman-and-George Perez-created comic book series The New Teen Titans from the ’80s, the trailer for the DC Universe show Titans is grim, gritty, violent and even drops the F-bomb, telling us this isn’t Teen Titans Go! folks.

Watch the trailer for the upcoming DC Universe show Titans here:

Based on the trailer, it looks like we’re getting a dark reimagining of the New Teen Titans’ origin with a similar plot line: the heroes are being brought together to prevent the threat of armageddon at the hands of Raven’s demon father, Trigon.

Brenton Thwaites headlines the show as Dick Grayson, the estranged partner and ward of Batman, also known as Robin. He’s angry and taking it out brutally (maybe fatally) on the criminal element. It’s a line never to be crossed by Batman, and in the trailer when he’s asked, “Where’s Batman?” Robin answers, “Fuck Batman.”

Brenton Thwaites as Robin

As a civilian, Dick works for the police department in some capacity. (He’s shown sporting a tie in an interrogation room, so I’m going to assume that he’s a detective.) Raven, portrayed by Teagan Croft, has come to him for help, and her scenes in the trailer add a horror element to the already dark DC Universe show.

We’re also given glimpses of Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) and Starfire (Anna Diop) in action. The online response to leaked set photos of these characters was largely negative, to put it mildly. Judging from the trailer footage, DC seems to have done some “mid-stream corrections.” (Thank you, post production.)

Anna Diop as Starfire

Rounding out the cast we have Alan Ritchson, the always easy-on-the-eyes actor who is no stranger to geek culture, having played Aquaman on Smallville and Raphael in the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. On the DC Universe show Titans he’s Hawk, and Minka Kelly is Dove. They’re vigilante partners who have a savage approach to crime-fighting (in their wonderfully comic book-accurate costumes), similar to Robin.

Titans is set to premiere later this year, with two other live-action series, Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing, slated to debut in 2019.

Teagan Croft as Raven

Also scheduled to premiere next year on the service are the new animated series Harley Quinn and the third season of fan-favorite Young Justice, both from Warner Bros. Animation.

While the official release date for DC Universe hasn’t been announced, the annual subscription, which will also include digital comics, library content and a social-media element, will be available for $74.99, with monthly subscriptions available for $7.99.

Are you excited for the upcoming DC Universe show Titans?

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