This Gay Singaporean DJ Is Also One Smoking Hot Muscle Daddy

This Gay Singaporean DJ Is Also One Smoking Hot Muscle Daddy

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DJ Big Kid has already made a name for himself globally as a musician, playing shows from Tapei to Zurich to Sydney. But what some people may not know, is that he’s also sexy AF.

Having made the move to Los Angeles in 2017, Big Kid has continued to grow his audience and fine-tune his sound. He’s become synonymous with many circuit events in the United States, a feat he considers rather difficult for an Asian DJ. A lot of his music is based in tribal and tech house but he adapts his sets to his particular audience.

Big Kid recently sat down with GaGaTai to chat about his life as a DJ and his thoughts on the LGBT community back in Asia. He discusses a variety of topics from men following him home after shows, to the different types of crowds at his shows, to what part of his body he finds the sexiest. (It’s his legs). He said he finds Taiwanese guys especially “cute and sweet” too.

DJ Big Kid also spoke on LGBT rights in Singapore and some of the struggles he has faced, going into detail about the government’s role in denying certain rights.

The advancement of gay rights in Singapore in the last 10 years has been dismal and disappointing to say the least. Gay sex is still illegal in Singapore even though oral sex and sodomy laws for heterosexuals were repealed in 2007. The Singapore government cited Asian values when they refused to repeal anti-sodomy laws for gays, but Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Japan and most Asian countries do not have anti-sodomy laws on their books or have repealed them decades ago.

Unfortunately for all of us, Big Kid is currently partnered. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t appreciate his beats (and his beauty).

Check out some of our favorite pics from DJ Big Kids Instagram below.

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