You Should Be Following These 8 Drag Kings on Instagram

You Should Be Following These 8 Drag Kings on Instagram

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There’s no doubt drag culture is becoming mainstream. RuPaul’s Drag Race has been on the air for a decade now, and has secured a spot on a mainstream cable media network, VH1. Trixie and Katya have their own cable show. Magazines like Vogue, Allure and Cosmopolitan are now covering drag queens. Dragula has even given a platform to alternative drag! Still, there’s one thing we haven’t seen in drag’s explosion into the mainstream: drag kings! With that in mind, here are eight of our favorites on Instagram.

Here are 8 drag kings that you should be following on Instagram:

1. Mystery Meat

Mystery Meat is an Atlanta-based drag king with an untouchably unique, monstrous mug. While he can serve a look in glitter and pastel pink, he’s most known for performing in all black with devil horns to metal music. Mystery Meat occasionally enjoys letting audience members tip him by using a staple gun to pin cash to his body, but then again who doesn’t love a good stapling?

2. Spikey Van Dykey

Other than creating the perfect drag name, Spikey’s talents include costume designing, emceeing, directing, producing and performing. Spikey can often be found performing throughout the southeast United States, from Miami to Birmingham.

3. Ivory Onyx

This king has credentials, having won several pageants, perhaps most notably Mister USofA M.I. 2013 and Mister USofA M.I. Classic 2017. Ivory loves to sport a nice suit, and with looks ranging from simple color patterns to complex designs, he always manages to look dapper.

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4. Sexy Galexy

Sexy is a vegan Australian king who has been performing since 1993. His looks range from super-masculine drag to femme boi drag, sometimes sporting grey hair with a matching mustache and beard, other times rocking an electric blue androgynous wig. Having traveled the world, Sexy is probably most well known by his Australian fans for hosting some of Sydney’s biggest queer parties.

5. Mr. Lee VaLone

Lee VaLone is a Brooklyn-based drag king from the house of Velour. Yes, as in winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9, Sasha Velour! Lee is very much a chameleon king, impossible to pin down: sometimes goth, sometimes punk, sometimes pastel.

6. Chiyo Gomes

This outspoken British king serves up sexy punk filth. Unafraid to get political, Chiyo told Vice he uses drag “to blur gender lines … as a coping mechanism for gender dysphoria, as well as a way to introduce race narratives to a predominantly white conversation.” Unafraid to mix progressive politics and BDSM on stage, this king’s confidence is unrivaled.

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SO ABOUT LAST NIGHT: I've been struggling with what to say, but I need to speak my truth. Always. First thing's first, just wanna stress @cherylholequeen and @just.ophelia were absolutely incredible guest hosts last night and my heart is full of such love and admiration for their work. That being said, I wouldn't be truthfully be talking about my night if I didn't address what happened. Never before, despite being misgendered COUNTLESS times in this community, have I gone onto the stage, have the tech person cut my track, bring the host back, and reintroduce me. But it had to be done. There was no way in hell I was about to showcase all my energy and labour under the wrong pronouns. Being misgendered is such a painful experience. Your mind goes immediately into self-hate overdrive. Why do they think I'm a woman? Do I not pass? Is it my hips? My face? Is this bind not tight enough? It's the fast track into a Pitt of depression. No. Not tonight. So it happened. I had a show to slay. A competition to WIN. A 60s look to serve and transform. AND I AM SO FUCKING PROUD OF MYSELF. I'm proud of myself for saying NO. I'm proud of myself for delivering such a strong performance. I'm proud of myself FOR BEING IN THE TOPS OF THE WEEK BOO! And I'm proud of every single trans and NB person that has to constantly tolerate being misgendered. I see you. I love you. I will fight for you. For us. We are magic. WE AT THE TOP BABY!!! ❤️❤️ Also cannot stress enough how beautifully @cherylholequeen handled the situation. You are incredibly graceful – a real plot twist for an Essex chick. ALAS, #TEAMCHIYO WE KILLED IT THIS WEEK, DESPITE ALL. NEXT WEEK, WE DO IT AGAIN. Challenge: "Alternative week". . Video credit: YouTube Channel – London Drag Shows x . . . . . . . . . . . . #dragking #dragkingsofinstagram #qtipoc #dragqueen #nonbinary #trans #afrolatinx #NADC #bodydysphoria #transgender #queerresistance #queerresilience #FuckItUp

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7. Damien D’Luxe

Damien loves to play around with different looks and wild hair, but often is wearing an outfit that showcases their bulging abs. They have been doing drag for 14 years and spends their time offstage as a tattoo artist. From swagger to supervillains, this Minneapolis King’s outfits and performances are anything but a drag.

8. Landon Cider

Another king with an extremely clever name, this Los Angeles-based artist takes her drag to another level. Her looks range from apocalyptic to robotic, from sexy to horrifying. Landon also paints herself as celebrities, Disney villains, Albert Einstein, Jesus and more!

Did we miss any of your favorite drag kings? Let us know in the comments!

Featured photo of Chiyo Gomes by Connie Taylor