Here’s How to Get Your Hands on the ‘Drag Race’ Versions of Cards Against Humanity

Here’s How to Get Your Hands on the ‘Drag Race’ Versions of Cards Against Humanity

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Cards Against Humanity, the jaw-dropping and wildly popular card game where people match raunchy answers to funny fill-in-the-blank prompts, now has two un-official versions for fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race, filled with inside-jokes and references from the popular queer reality competition. We ordered one of the versions, and believe us: If you like the show, you’ll love Drag Race Cards Against Humanity.

One of the Drag Race versions is called Cards Against Rumanity (see what they did there?). It costs $30 and contains 135 black fill-in-the-blank cards and 270 white answer cards, enough to play as a stand-alone game. The cards are also sized to fit among the original game’s cards, if you want to play a mixed version.

Unfortunately, Cards Against Rumanity is sold out on Amazon, and the customer reviews say the cards and box are cheaply made (though perhaps that’s just people being shady).

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So if you’re impatient, you can download the other version, entitled Oh the Rumanity! It costs $5 and contains 162 black cards (though they’re actually grey) and 297 white cards. While it also works as a stand-alone game, the cheap price is due to the fact that you have to print and cut out the cards yourself.

As such, the cards might not fit as neatly into your standard Cards Against Humanity deck, but true Drag Race fans aren’t worried about their cards (or drag queens) looking a little homemade and busted.

Some of the black (grey) cards fill-in-the-blank cards from Oh the Rumanity!

You can tell that a lot of thought from real fans went into this game. The black cards have fill-in-the-blank prompts like “This is not RuPaul’s ________ Race!;” “Gurl, I’m giving you face, I’m giving you
body, and serving up __________.;” and “Condragulations! You are the winner of this week’s challenge. You have won a one year supply of _____________.”

The answers are hilarious too with responses like the Tuckahoe Prison for Ladies, RuPaul’s wooden colostomy bag, a meaty tuck, Roxxxy Andrews crying at the bus stop, Linda Evangelista, Backrolls? and “a marijuana-fueled social media implosion” (an in-the-know jab to the show’s former musical maestro Lucian Piane).

What do you think of Drag Race Cards Against Humanity? Sound off in the comments.

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