New Crush Alert: We Need to Talk About Dua Lipa’s Dad

New Crush Alert: We Need to Talk About Dua Lipa’s Dad

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It’s time we have a talk about Dua Lipa’s dad. You know Dua Lipa: gorgeous, talented and wildly popular three-time Grammy winner and one of TIME100 Next’s Most Influential People of 2021. OK, great. But let’s talk about her dad.

Originally from Kosovo, Dukagjin Lipa is the Founder/CEO of REPUBLIKA Communications Agency as well as Director of Sunny Hill Festival (which Dua Lipa headlined in 2018) and President of the Sunny Hill Foundation. He is also — and we cannot stress this enough — smoking hot.

Here’s our first look of Dukagjin Lipa at the 2019 BRIT Awards:

English comedian Jack Whitehall, clearly enamored, exclaim, “Can we get a camera on this guy? The silver fox over here. The best looking dad in the music industry. I want to do a dad-swap.”

We can’t exactly blame him.

One look at the comment section of that video proves that neither can, well, literally anyone else. “Her dad is the literal definition of Daddy,” one user writes. Another says, “i wish i was dua lipas mum and erm well only for one reason.” And although this video was posted two years ago, folks are still commenting on it to this day.

And yes, thankfully, Dua Lipa’s dad has an Instagram. And yes, it is well worth looking through, but we’ll go ahead and give you some highlights below:

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