Farrah Moan Gets Real About the Rivalry That Sent Her Home on ‘All Stars 4’

Farrah Moan Gets Real About the Rivalry That Sent Her Home on ‘All Stars 4’

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A Vegas showgirl who’s consistently sparkling, Farrah Moan came floating back into the RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 werkroom with something to prove.

Unfortunately, a stumble on the main stage, followed by a team challenge (and allowing fellow competitor Gia Gunn to get into her head) spelled the end of Farrah Moan’s portrait going into the All Stars Hall of Fame.

Hornet caught up with Farrah Moan post-elimination to discuss her time on All Stars 4 and how Christina Aguilera continues to be one of her biggest career influences.

Here is our All Stars 4 elimination interview with the one and only Farrah Moan:

We hated seeing one of our favorite showgirls go home in the second week. You were very clear that you wanted to stay in the game and showcase why you were brought back. How did it feel coming up short?

You know, it was very, very hard. I invested so much heart, time, energy and money, and this was such a dream for me to even be considered for All Stars, let alone to be brought back. I felt very lucky for the opportunity and wanted to really show the entire world who I am today and who I have grown up to be.

I think sometimes it can be easy for us as Drag Race girls to put so much into the aspects of the competition and forget that it’s a television show, and sometimes things are not going to go your way, and sometimes you are going to stumble and fall. It’s important to just get back up and not take things too seriously and be grateful for the opportunity and feel blessed and have fun with the experience. I am very blessed to be where I am. Regardless of how far I made it in the competition, I did my best, and that’s all that matters.

We all saw your stumble during the talent show, and viewers gasped right along with you. I gotta ask, how much did that fall hurt?

Oh my god, it hurt so bad. I blacked out, and it was really hard for me to get back up. It was like, let’s just shake this ass! [Laughs] All I can say is that when I went backstage the medic had the ibuprofen ready, baby!

When Farrah Moan walked into the werkroom, who was she surprised not to see?

I would have loved to have seen Shea Couleé, I think she’s one of the most talented drag queens and one of the best people. She’s just a really good person. I hope that All Stars 5 is her time. I would have loved to have seen Jujubee, because I think she also deserves a chance to come back from All Stars 1. I would have loved to have seen Ivy Winters; her talent inspires me to be a better drag queen! She is so Vegas showgirl, I love it.

When Gia Gunn approached you in the werkroom, it came across like she was doing it with the sole purpose of getting in your head. Did she succeed?

Yeah, she did. I was completely blindsided, because both our on-camera and off-camera interactions were very pleasant. The drama she tried to bring up was something that was already resolved. For the record, Gia and I were never close friends, ever. It was kind of crazy for her to throw that out there, so I want to make that clear.

It’s unfortunate, because I was very excited to see Gia. I am such a huge fan of trans drag, and a lot of trans queens inspire my own drag. I was happy for the trans community as a whole that they were going to have this representation, and it’s so unfortunate that all of that had to be pushed aside for the sake of her wanting to fuck with me on television to get into my head and get rid of me because she must have really seen me as competition. So that is the ultimate competition.

Where is yours and Gia’s relationship currently?

Well, she and I have talked, and she has apologized for the things that she put me through on the show, and I truly thought we were on the road to somewhere. Then I still see her on press and in video saying she thinks I am untalented and should not have been there and that I’m not an All Star.

She is still using me to propel herself and to make herself look better, and I think that’s very sad. I just can’t get into the mind of someone who feels they need to do that. I do wish her the best, and I think she’s so talented and beautiful, and I’m proud of the woman she has become. Regardless, I just wish her the best.

On your main challenge team, you were paired up with some established vocalists who had even released their own material. Were you intimated by some of your teammates?

I wasn’t intimidated until I heard Monet X Change. Her voice is crazy and sounds auto-tuned already. I was like, “Maybe I am in a little over my head.” [Laughs] I went into All Stars to have fun, and I had never recorded a song before, and that was on my bucket list. I had fun doing it, regardless as to how I sounded doing it. It was cool!

Farrah Moan is the only queen in Drag Race herstory to be impersonated by Christina Aguilera [at the beginning of the Season 10 premiere]. That must have been such an amazing thing to witness.

Oh, I know, that was so crazy! When I was brought out to meet her on-set, it touched me so deeply that I cried for weeks after. They did not have to do that — they flew me out, put me up in a hotel and I had no idea what I was doing until I walked around the corner. I saw pink hair sitting on that sofa and she said, “Hi, Farrah, it’s Christina!”

It was so nice, and Christina has been my biggest inspiration my whole life. Anytime I think I am too weak, I always think of Christina and how she keeps pushing and how she continues to use her voice and her platform to support not only queer artists but anyone who has ever had to really fight. I just love her to death for that, and it’s so cool that she has accepted me so thoroughly and has included me in so many things this year. I am just so blessed, and nothing could bring me down at this point.

Now that you’re out of the competition, who do you want to snatch the crown?

I would be so happy if Trinity or Naomi or Latrice or Manila won. I look up to them so much in different ways. I think they are all amazing people and so multifaceted. They are so talented, and I have gotten to work with a lot of them, and they are all good people, and I am just rooting for them.

What’s coming up for Farrah Moan?

I ultimately just want to keep pushing myself to greater aesthetic heights, and I want more crystals on everything that I do. I want to come out with my own songs; I’m not much of a singer, but I write rhymes and lyrics, and I have had this whole album written for like two years, but I have not quite gotten it done recording, but I want to come out with all that.

I want to venture into the makeup world. Nothing in the world makes her happier than the perfect shimmering highlight! I love shine, I love sparkle, so keep an eye out. You have not seen the last of me.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 airs Friday nights on VH1.

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