#FollowFriday August 17: You Should Be Following These 5 Queer Photographers, Artists and Teachers

#FollowFriday August 17: You Should Be Following These 5 Queer Photographers, Artists and Teachers

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This week we’ve got Instagrammers that’ll make you laugh, swoon, stretch, ooh, ahh and want to boil the kettle. It’s time for your weekly dose of fabulous. It’s #FollowFriday.

1. @yuliangliubln

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YuLiang Liu is a photographer and visual artist based in Berlin. His work merges photographs of contemporary guys with classical paintings — with glorious effect. Inspired by Renaissance art, Lui plays with contrasts of masculine and feminine, the fragility and beauty of naked male bodies and their juxtaposition with classical imagery and architecture.

There are often playful contemporary queer cultural references and stylistic interpretations, much in the same way that UK artist Banksy adds modern stylings to old paintings to give them a new message. Lui does this in a much sexier and captivating way. An art world superstar in the making.

We could get lost in this mix of queer sexual fantasy and historical romance … *sigh*

2. @menandcoffee

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If you like your men like you like your coffee — hot, strong and sweet, like toffee, oh,* — then you’re going to love this in your Instagram feed. Some of the pictures are a bit bland, but most have a gorgeous amount of variety and depth.

Yeah, all the guys are hot (like a good cup of coffee should be), but here’s a chance to spot some interesting kitchens, balconies, gardens and rooftops. (Though we’re not sure how practical it is to carry coffee onto the roof.) Anyway, enjoy and go and boil the kettle.

*If you didn’t get the lyrical reference, here’s the campest and most fabulous song about coffee you’re likely to come across.

3. @linikeroficial

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Liniker’s candid, raw video clips on her Instagram page drew us in within seconds. Now we’re big fans. The frontwoman of her band — Liniker e os Caramelows — her music is full of soul with a gorgeous tone that flows through you.

Hyldon esquenta a gente

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A combination of modern soul tones with the tropical heritage of MPB (popular Brazilian music), this band will give you a whole new genre to love and enjoy. You don’t have to understand Portuguese to be able to connect with this music. And this fabulous trans singer will melt your heart and have you looking up her lyrics on Google Translate.

4. @mrmarioaustin

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One of our favorite yoga teachers, Mario Austin, is an inspiration for anyone on their yoga journey, even if you haven’t started it yet!

His Instagram feed is beautiful, simple and informative. Each image shows a beautifully shot pose, with the name, yoga style and a short tip or inspirational quote. It’s, like, totally zen. We felt calmer just scrolling through.

Easy like Sunday mornin'. Asana: Ardha Chandrasana | Half Moon Pose

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Austin teaches a combination of Ashtanga, Iyengar and Viniyoga, and encourages all of his students (and followers) to embrace their yoga journey and honor the self.

Because yoga is a lot more than a workout, ya know? Well, if you don’t, starting your yoga journey with this lovely guy’s feed is a very good first step. Now, breathe. 

5. @the_la_basics

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Don’t be basic. Follow these guys. It’ll help you not be basic. “The LA Basics” include Kyle, a part-time model and aspiring actor, and Diego, a fashion blogger and fitness enthusiast. Sound like anyone you know?

Of course, Kyle and Diego aren’t real; they’re plastic dolls. Which makes this satirical blast at all the worst parts of contemporary gay culture in America even funnier — and even more plastic.

Nobody is safe, from White Party attendees to Ariana Grande fans. Here’s a sample quote, which accompanies the image above: “Trying to stay on my latest healthy cleanse while I’m at White Party … is cocaine vegan?”

We love the little video clips, too, especially when there’s a tiny bit of muffled laughter in the background. This is a refreshing look at pop cultural norms, through a witty and non-serious lens. Which is totally not basic.

Happy #FollowFriday! And follow Hornet on Instagram, too!