#FollowFriday, June 1: You Should Be Following These 5 Artists, Activists and Bloggers

#FollowFriday, June 1: You Should Be Following These 5 Artists, Activists and Bloggers

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Our #FollowFriday weekly feature highlights five Instagram accounts from across the LGBTQ spectrum. This week we bring you inspiring people from every continent (almost), each of which will give your feed a real ‘zing’ as we head into summer.


Bandy Kiki is a Cameroonian LGBTQ rights activist and founder of the Kinnaka Business Group, a marketing and branding conglomerate. She’s based in Manchester in the UK, and has a huge online following while using her platforms to shine light on anti-LGBTQ violence and discrimination across Africa.

“Most Africans think it’s acceptable to be violent to LGBTQ people. This behavior is encouraged by religious bigotry, anti-LGBTQ laws and cultural beliefs,” she tells Hornet. “The violence and abuse has led to lower self-esteem and psychological distress within the LGBT community, something that we must try to help stop as an community.”

Bandy Kiki is currently working on an exciting project she hopes to unveil in a few months, so keep your eyes on her Instagram to stay in the know!


“Cute Brute” is a Brooklyn-based illustrator whose work is a colorful blend of cute critters, offbeat humor and gay iconography. The aesthetic is largely inspired by a retro palette and toyetic design from the ’70s and ’80s. It’ll really stand out in your Instagram feed. We love it!

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