#FollowFriday, June 29: You Should Be Following These 5 Gay Parents, Artists and Activists

#FollowFriday, June 29: You Should Be Following These 5 Gay Parents, Artists and Activists

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Happy Friday guys! This week we’ve got a diverse array of LGBTQ people that do everything from politics and parenting to drag and deadlifting.

1. @doctor.dg

With gay marriage now becoming a normal part of life in many parts of the world, you may have noticed #gaydads popping up more and more frequently on Instagram. Tons of guys are starting their own families after tying the knot, and this week’s featured fellas are some of our favorites. They’re both adorable and inspiring.

German is a doctor. He’s a specialist in internal medicine and psychiatry and works as a psychiatrist in Switzerland. He’s married to Daniel, who’s a psychologist. What a pair of brains, eh?

ein wunderbarer Familienfrühlingstag! ?‍?‍??☀️

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German tells us about his son and his philosophy of life, “Our son Leonard was born from a surrogacy process, thanks to one amazing and altruistic woman, whom we will love forever. Leonard is a dream come true, the best gift we will ever have. Living a normal live, without fears and without masks, can encourage other people to open up and live the life that they want.”

“I’m just a man — a happy man — and this is my family,” he says.

2. @herr_phillips

Born in Brazil and based in Berlin (but with a dash of Welsh heritage), Chris Phillips is a photographer and filmmaker. If that’s not arty enough, he’s also got an MA in Visual Anthropology.

His beautiful photographs really stand out thanks to their mixture of uniqueness, sexiness and, well, a certain “something” that’s hard to put into words.

“During my growth as an artist I developed a taste for the ‘different,’” he says. “My work proposes new ways of depicting the body, while reconceptualizing the meaning behind ‘pornographic’ imagery and representation.”

@justsammorris as #keithharing – full trailer at pornceptual.com/avantgardevideo

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He’s the creator of the art project and club night Pornceptual. If you’re in Berlin on a weekend when one of these parties is taking place, you’ve just got to go.

3. @balancedi

If you need a bit of inspiration to live a fitter life, we’ve got just the man for you. Instagram is full of, dare we say it, “same old, same old” feeds of gym bunnies. And while we’ve got nothing against those guys, who are inspiring tons of people to live a healthy life …

Johny Dyer stands out for his humility and effortlessly genuine nature. He’s an Olympic weight-lifting coach, competitive CrossFit athlete and competitive powerlifting athlete.

“My instagram account is a visual lifestyle brand whose target audience is gay men, gay black athletes and gay athletes,” he says. “I break down my posts into three subcategories: Health, Style and Time.”

“Health is about my journey with weight-lifting and encouraging others to do the same or get started,” he says. “Style displays my love for fashion, music and visual art. This is where I express myself artistically. Last but not least, My Time posts are usually from trips during my downtime, and time with family. I see my Instagram is a visual lifestyle blog.”

Oh yeah, he’s pretty hot too. You may have noticed that, but just FYI.

4. @chrissydarlingofficial

If you’ve spent any time in the gay London nightlife, chances are you’ve seen the whirlwind of color and camp that is Chrissy Darling, a true icon of London queer culture and a fabulous sight to behold.

We don’t know where he gets the inspiration for his jaw-droppingly original costumes, but they’ve made us think about making a bit more of an effort whenever we go out, even if it’s just to the shop to buy milk and sequins.

And behind the mask Chrissy is one of the nicest people in London clubland you could happen to meet. You’ll soon get addicted to following his new looks as they appear on your Instagram feed.

5. @votekimcoco

Kim Coco Iwamoto is one the highest ranking trans individuals to have held office in the United States. She has served as both a commissioner on the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission and as a member of the Hawaii Board of Education. She’s running in Hawaii’s August 2018 primary election as a Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, and we wish her all the best!

Whatever your political views, her posts are a lovely and inspiring example of fighting for what you believe in and being your authentic self with style and class.

Kim Coco Iwamoto has done great work with LGBTQ youth as both a licensed therapist and as a foster parent.

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