#FollowFriday, May 11: You Should Be Following These 5 Artists, Models, Photographers and Writers

#FollowFriday, May 11: You Should Be Following These 5 Artists, Models, Photographers and Writers

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In our new #FollowFriday weekly feature, we plan to highlight five Instagram accounts from across the LGBTQ spectrum. With no shortage of taste and talent in our community, these artists, performers, authors and activists will enrich your feed and inspire you to scroll on.


Valentin Braun is a gorgeous Berlin-based model, contemporary dancer and porn star. Suffering from body dysmorphia, he’s said that by being photographed naked he was able to see “what other people could see when they look at me.” (Which in our opinion is 100% gorgeousness.)

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He says, “I also want to remind people that there is nothing vulgar or bad about being naked. There is just as much potential to suppress people by making them wear clothing as there is potential of free expression through clothing. By stripping that away, you remain with what is essentially you — naked.”


This Filipino artist is sure to bring a unique and beautiful perspective to your feed.

She says: “In history, womxn have been written off as emotional, sensitive, weak, cr*zy and ‘too much’ in general. This sentiment has barred womxn from succeeding in many fields, including the art field. As a womxn who creates, I want to celebrate the idea of being ‘too much’ and inspire & motivate other womxn to speak their truths through art.”


Alun Davies is an art director and photographer from Wales. He began taking pictures of his friends and it grew into a project that looks at all angles of LGBTQ life, from trans porn star Danni Daniels to electro punk superstar Peaches.

“My pictures capture the queer family I have come across through my life in Wales, London and Berlin,” Alun says. “Social media apps have been a great way to meet new people interested in being photographed.”

He uses a black back-cloth to simplify things for portraits, with fun props and costumes, often with unexpected results.


Doctor Jon Paul is a writer, speaker, digital activist and social justice defender. He calls himself “queer, black, fat and hungry,” and his new podcast, LEARNT — “a classroom without walls” — is well worth a listen. It offers a unique look on contemporary issues, like toxic masculinity, queer icons and dirty computers.

You can listen to LEARNT here.


This account for “Tomboys, Androgynes, LGBT+, Beautiful Humans” features inspiring pics of people from all across the spectrum, including much of the “Q” — non-binary and gender-nonconforming people included.

You’ll find gorgeous shots of couples and lots of before-and-after comparison shots, occasionally sharing moving stories of transition and personal growth when it comes to gender and self-realization. It’s powerful, beautiful stuff.

Happy #FollowFriday! And follow Hornet on Instagram, too!

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