Alt-Right Transphobe Says the Author of the Trump Tell-All Isn’t Trustworthy Because He Has ‘Gay Face’

Alt-Right Transphobe Says the Author of the Trump Tell-All Isn’t Trustworthy Because He Has ‘Gay Face’

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In case you hadn’t heard, yesterday at midnight Fire and Fury — the salacious tell-all book about the Trump administration (excerpt here) — went on sale, selling out from one D.C. bookstore in a matter of minutes. Naturally, Trump has called the book “full of lies,” but alt-right douche-bro Gavin McInnes has said that people shouldn’t trust the book’s author, Michael Wolff, because “he has a gay face” and might be secretly gay. The Gavin McInnes gay face comments continue a trend of queerphobic speech from the former Vice Media co-founder.


Here are the Gavin McInnes gay face comments

In a Facebook video for his show “Get Off My Lawn” (below), McInnes said:

Have you ever seen Michael Wolff? Now, this isn’t a fact, this is just my theory, but he has a gay face. And there’s nothing wrong with being gay, obviously. Chadwick Moore is a wonderful gay, so is Milo Yiannopoulos, but he appears to be a closeted gay, and my experience with them is that they tend to be sociopaths. They have a lot of bottled-up sexual rage and they want revenge on the world. I don’t trust these stories….

Does that face look a little gay to you? I mean, it’s the lips. That kind of a pocket square, I wear it sometimes. I have slept with hundreds of women. So you have to either be a pimp or a pussy. Seriously, though. Look at his demeanor. Am I crazy? Does that look like a closeted gay man to you? Only black guys and me can get away with that kind of color scheme.

The Gavin McInnes gay face comments are homophobic

McInnes clarified that this is “just a theory” and that he was just “pulling stuff out of his ass” (obviously), but Wolff has been married to a woman and had several public relationships with women. Thus, McInnes’ baseless, blowhard speculations about Wolff’s sexuality as a pretext for dishonesty and sociopathy are homophobia, pure and simple. (And no, calling Trump-loving liar Chadwick Moore and fail-tastic ultra-douchebag Milo Yiannopoulos “wonderful gay[s]” doesn’t make his statements any less homophobic.)

If McInnes’s name sounds familiar, he co-founded Vice Media and Proud Boys, an Islamophobic anti-feminist men’s group that is anti-masturbation. He has also published several transphobic articles calling trans people “mentally ill gays,” voicing support for Trump’s trans military ban and calling parental support of trans children “child abuse.”

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