You Need to See These Ridiculously Trashy Gay Pulp Novels

You Need to See These Ridiculously Trashy Gay Pulp Novels

Written by Hornet Staff on January 03, 2020
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Ryan Richardson is an awesome pop culture archaeologist. He’s collected and posted the entire archives of the ’70s/’80s punk magazine Slash. And if that’s not enough, he’s got a lot of other archives, too. Two of the best are Fanzine Faves, which collects punk fanzines, and Star 1973compiling all five issues of the groupie-culture teen magazine Star. You could spend years poking around all the stuff Richardson has scanned and linked from his website, including a large collection of gay pulp novels.

And perhaps the most fun is Gay on the Range, a collection of cover art from gay-themed pulp erotica from the 1960s. We’ve excerpted a mere sampling of the best gay pulp novels below, but we urge you to go check out the full collection!

Here are 21 of of our favorite gay pulp novels and their hilarious covers:

“Like a true nature’s child, we were born, born to be … gay?


Gay Pulp Novels 3

Warning: This is not a scratch and sniff. Don’t ruin your phone’s screen trying.

My personal motto after a few vodka Red Bulls.

gay pulp novels 1 65

It’s our new favorite color.

gay pulp novels 1 3333

My nickname while I was backpacking across the country.

gay pulp novels 1 323333

But it could still def be gayer.

gay pulp novels 1 43222

We’ll read anything starring Dingo Stark.

gay pulp novels 1 2343

People were saying I needed a more professional sounding name.

gay pulp novels 1 3232323

It’s homophobic that ABC passed on this for Boy Meets World instead.

Everyone’s favorite Christmas tune.

gay pulp novels 1 232323

How much?

gay pulp novels 1 121

I think I took a class at the New School about this.

gay pulp novels 1 323

When a threesome just isn’t enough to sate your desires.

gay pulp novels 1 23

Fifty shades? Nah, I want all of them.

gay pulp novels 1 333

Swish, swish bish.

gay pulp novels 1 33

As if the straight ones matter …

gay pulp novels 1 4

Story of my life.

Same, gurl.

Gay Pulp Novels gay

Satin chaps are the new ass-less chaps.

Gay Pulp Novels satin

Wait, what?

Gay Pulp Novels the end

Have you seen any of these gay pulp novels before? Which is your favorite title? Let us know.

This article was originally published on July 12, 2015

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