Today’s #ThrowbackThursday: Remember When Wolverine Was Gay?!

Today’s #ThrowbackThursday: Remember When Wolverine Was Gay?!

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Yes, there was once a gay Wolverine.

Way back in 2012, comic writer Greg Pak gave us an alternate universe version of James Howlett (that’d be Wolverine/Logan’s given name) and his hunk of a boyfriend, Hercules. (Yes, the Greek god was also a Marvel Comics hero, has carried three self-titled limited series and has even been an Avenger.)

This relationship between the two men, “gay Wolverine” and the mighty Hercules, took place in X-Treme X-Men #10.

Hercules and Wolverine, mid-intimate moment

Howlett and Hercules (Herclett? Howcules?) were Earth-12025’s greatest heroes, and after killing a dragon together they revealed their love to the world. Zeus later declared that he was the only god allowed to consort with humans, and he banished the couple to the pits of Tartarus.

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After four years, Howlett was abducted from the underworld and later joined a group of multidimensional X-Men and then was eventually reunited with a rescued Hercules.

Colossus (right)

But gay Wolverine and Hercules aren’t the only instance of alternate-reality super-gays.

In the late Ultimate Marvel Universe, everyone’s favorite metal-jacketed-mutant, Colossus, was also totally gay. Early on in those Ultimate X-Men stories, the homosexuality of Colossus was only implied. But his gayness was later revealed fully when he temporarily quit the team due to unrequited feelings for — you guessed it — his teammate Wolverine.

Alan Scott, Earth 2’s Green Lantern

And over on the DC Comics side of things, the New 52: Earth 2 Green Lantern, Alan Scott, is also a man-kisser. For those us who predate the “New 52” DC reboot, Alan Scott was the original Green Lantern and founding member of the Justice Society of America (predecessor of the Justice League).

Earth 2 writer James Robinson told the New York Post about his Green Lantern hero, “He’s very much the character he was. He’s still the pinnacle of bravery and idealism. He’s also gay.”

How amazing is that?

Did you know that gay Wolverine was once a thing? Sound off in the comments.

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