This ‘Girly’ Pop Singer Just Re-Created Some of Your Favorite Female-Fronted Music Videos

This ‘Girly’ Pop Singer Just Re-Created Some of Your Favorite Female-Fronted Music Videos

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Have you ever heard a name as manly and butch as John Duff? We haven’t either. But in his brand-new music video for the track “Girly,” out today, he’s anything but, and we’re loving it.

In the music video John Duff re-creates some of our favorite music videos of all time, most heavily the iconic short film that was “Heartbreaker” by Mariah Carey. His character — decked out in a crocheted top, jeans with the waist band removed and a barrette — heads to the movie theater with two girlfriends in tow (portrayed by Drag Race vets Willam and Mariah Balenciaga) on a stealth mission to creep on the date of his recent ex.

But instead of John Duff portraying both himself and the ex-boyfriend’s date (à la Mariah in “Heartbreaker”), the ex’s nasty new arm candy is portrayed by none other than Bianca Del Rio, who gives her “Bianca” (also the name of Mariah’s evil alter-ego) best in a funny bathroom brawl.

Other videos that get spoofed in “Girly” include Madonna‘s “Hung Up,” Britney Spears‘ “Stronger,” Beyoncé‘s “Crazy in Love” and Christina Aguilera‘s “Come on Over.”

The song itself is an empowering anthem for femme guys everywhere. Huff says of the track, “‘Girly’ is a very literal song. I wrote it upon hearing critique that my ideas weren’t going to work because of their feminine nature. I was told that I would do better in the industry by playing up my masculinity. While paying homage to some of my greatest female influences, I wanted to highlight the sexualization of female performers and how absurd it looks to simply replace the ingenue with a hairy man.”

You’ve gotta have balls to get “girly” in your music video. No, seriously. I think I spotted a “testicular wardrobe malfunction” around 03:41 while sporting Madge’s “Hung Up” pink spandex. Nicely done, sir.

Watch the music video for the new John Duff single “Girly” here:

What do you think of the new John Duff single “Girly”?

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