‘Queer Eye’ Guy Jonathan Van Ness Shared the Most Horrific Hookup Mishap With Andy Cohen

‘Queer Eye’ Guy Jonathan Van Ness Shared the Most Horrific Hookup Mishap With Andy Cohen

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We’ve all got a horrible hookup mishap story — or two — under our belts. But Queer Eye‘s grooming guy Jonathan Van Ness officially topped them all when he recently sat down with Andy Cohen on the Bravo host’s Watch What Happens Live.

Van Ness has even given the hookup mishap an appropriate moniker: “bloodgate.”

The incident took place a few years ago during the lengthy casting process for what eventually became the hit Netflix reboot of Queer Eye. As the process was winding down, each of the show’s potential hosts were gathered at the same hotel. Because the series relies so much on the chemistry between its “Queer Eye guys,” the casting process saw these gay men auditioning for producers together.

What Cohen wanted to know — like many of us, surely — was whether there was any hanky panky between the gay guys auditioning. “The idea of all these gay guys in a hotel together auditioning for Queer Eye — they had to all be banging,” Cohen said to Van Ness.

And that’s what led Van Ness to share his horrific story of the ultimate hookup mishap.

“There was maybe one boy. The boys know. But they’ll never tell you, it’s very horrific. Horrific in embarrassing terms. It culminated in the most embarrassing end to a first date you could ever,” Van Ness shared.

When Cohen asks whether it involves not being able to ‘get it up’ or pooping, Van Ness insists the reality was even worse.

“There was — and it’s not me, it was the other person, honey. There was a Prince Albert that was ripped out, before anything happened,” Van Ness says, referring to the penis piercing on his date. “The pants came out, and along with it….”

Van Ness says the hookup mishap was “very traumatic,” and … well, yeah, we tend to agree.

Watch video of Van Ness recounting the hookup mishap incident here:

Do you have a hookup mishap story that needs to be shared?

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