These 5 ‘Hot Ones’ Episodes Are Our Favorite Blend of Pop Culture and Pain

These 5 ‘Hot Ones’ Episodes Are Our Favorite Blend of Pop Culture and Pain

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One of the most beloved YouTube web series ever, Hot Ones is the perfect blend of pop culture, delicious food and pain. Since its inception in 2015, the First We Feast show has rapidly gained popularity. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Hot Ones episodes below, featuring some of our favorite guests and moments, because — honestly — what could be better than watching a bunch of hot guys eat hot wings?

Here are some of our favorite Hot Ones episodes:

1. David Harbour

The Stranger Things and Black Widow star is beyond dreamy. Our favorite moment:

Q: So, growing up in White Plains, I know you connected with the outcasts. DnD and video games and graphic novels. What are the necessary components for the perfect Dungeons & Dragons party?

A: I mean, I guess you have to have a good party of people. And that means a mix, like, you need people that are gonna play by the rules, and you need people that are gonna break the rules, and be horrible, and not do what you tell them to do. If you have too many good students, it’s just not that fun, and if you have too many rule-breakers, you can’t get anything done and nothing moves. … And then you do need, like, an indefinite amount of time. You need just like a day where there’s no limits and you can go to like, six in the morning.

2. Quavo

Migos frontman Quavo is known for being effortlessly cool (and, yeah, totally hot). One of our favorite Hot Ones episodes moments:

Without a doubt, his Robert Deniro impression at 7:18 — followed closely by his reaction to Offset’s Hot Ones moments at 17:25. We also love that Quavo was not shy about his intolerance for spicy food, but did the challenge anyway.

3. J Balvin

We love J Balvin’s music, style and — of course — the fact that he’s real easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt. Our favorite moment:

Q: Your career has taken you around the world. You’ve gotten to work with so many industry titans and met a bunch of heroes along the way. Notably, one that’s of interest to me is that you’ve met the defining members of the Chicago Bulls dynasty. All of them. Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan. I think I know the answer to this question, but just to make it official, which one of those Bulls legends left the biggest impression on you and why?

A: With Michael Jordan, I stayed, like, four, five hours talking with him in Paris. The whole night. So I had the chance to really get to know a little bit of this legend. Dennis is the coolest man, you know, just as you see him. Scottie is definitely such a gentleman, such a gentleman. And Michael has a little bit of all of them. … I love all three but definitely I can say that I had a real long talk with Michael Jordan.

4. Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Best known for his work on The Walking Dead and criminally underrated for portraying The Comedian in 2009’s Watchmen, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s rugged sex appeal is out of this world. One of our favorite moments from all the Hot Ones episodes:

Watching him struggle through “Da Bomb” sauce at 15:50. “Why do people eat that?” he asks … because even tough guys have to admit weakness once in a while.

6. Lil Nas X

If you’re a Hornet regular, you know we’re huge fans of the already iconic (and our personal favorite Sexy Satan) Lil Nas X. This Thanksgiving special is good all year round. Our favorite moment:

Q: You’re releasing new music for the first time since your Grammy campaign last year, and I get the sense that this upcoming album two years in the making means a little bit more to you as a full body of work. How would you define success for this next project?

A: It’s so much more personal and so much more me, and less, like, characters I’ve created so it’s gonna be so dope. … Most importantly, I love it. If I love it, and everybody else loves it, that’s amazing. If I love it, and everybody don’t, then, you know, that’s cool as long as I love it.

Which are your favorite Hot Ones episodes?

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