Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds Are ‘Feuding,’ and It’s Hilarious (Video)

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds Are ‘Feuding,’ and It’s Hilarious (Video)

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The actors behind two of Marvel’s most popular heroes, Wolverine and Deadpool, are currently in the middle of a hilarious (fake) feud, and it’s provided us with a good two minutes of laughs — not bad in this age of ADHD and meme culture. For on-camera proof of the Hugh Jackman Ryan Reynolds “feud,” just check out the video they made together, which we’ve posted below.

Now, the Hugh Jackman Ryan Reynolds feud itself is years old. The two actors have always loved to rib each other on social media, hurling insults and trading snarky comments.

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Just last November, Hugh Jackman posted a video of his dog pooping on a photo of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. (Seriously. Watch it here.) A year and a half before that, after Hugh Jackman tweeted a photo of himself with fans in Beijing, Reynolds clapped back with “Pretty sure those are protesters.” (Witness that sick burn here.)

Clearly the Hugh Jackman Ryan Reynolds feud had built up some steam.

Which is why we were all so shocked to see the below tweet on Jan. 31, which said a truce between the two on-screen heroes was underway. Could it be?

Then, a week later, we were given video proof of the Hugh Jackman Ryan Reynolds feud supposedly coming to an end. You see, both Jackman and Reynolds — when they’re not on set — are also the faces of Laughing Man coffee and Aviation Gin, respectively. (Jackman launched the coffee company back in 2011, while Reynolds bought a stake in the booze company in February 2018.)

As a sign of their truce, each actor decided to make a commercial for the other’s company. And having not yet seen the other’s finished product, they unveiled both ads together on-camera. You’ll just have to watch to see how that went down.

Here’s the video meant to mark a truce in the years-long Hugh Jackman Ryan Reynolds feud:

As you can see from the video, it looks like the “truce” is a no-go, and the Hugh Jackman Ryan Reynolds feud may be just as raw as it ever was. And we can’t say we’re upset by that, as this feud is pretty much a gift that keeps on giving.

In fact, just yesterday we were given a hint that things aren’t exactly “peachy keen,” and we have the 2019 Grammys to thank. Both Jackman’s film The Greatest Showman and Reynolds’ Deadpool 2 were nominated in the same category, Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Medium.

When Jackman’s musical won the award yesterday, Reynolds couldn’t help but respond with a snarky “#ThankHughNext,” referencing the single and new album from pop starlet Ariana Grande. Nicely thrown shade if we’ve ever seen it.

Oh, and if you’d actually like to watch a real commercial for Aviation Gin, this one “Ryan Reynolds approved,” just head here.

Here’s hoping the Hugh Jackman Ryan Reynolds “feud” never really ends.

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