Meet the Ukrainian Bisexual Band Fighting for Tolerance, I Love You Both

Meet the Ukrainian Bisexual Band Fighting for Tolerance, I Love You Both

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In America, the Ukrainian synthpop group Kazaky is perhaps best known as the backup dancers in Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” video. Though the sexy androgynous group of singers and dancers broke up in 2016, their founder and producer, Oleg Zhezhel, has moved on to a new project. And Zhezhel isn’t content to just do another pop act; he’s fighting for tolerance with his new band I Love You Both, which focuses on bisexuality.

Though I Love You Both is a Ukrainian group, they sing mostly in English. The band is made up of two boys, Roman and Nazar, and one girl, Dasha. They’re something new in the world music industry, showing a complete rejection of any sort of censorship in art.

They combine different styles, including pop, house, EDM and alternative rock. Zhezhel’s goal was to combine street style with modern pop culture — while also casting off the past. He has said the only thing this project has in common with Kazaky is its freedom of self-expression.


“Nowadays, it is so hard to surprise people with something new. They’ve seen everything! So I decided to create something I like personally, with an emphasis on talent, songs and the personalities of the singers,” Zhezhel says. “With I Love You Both, we’ll speak out about important things and fight against stupid stereotypes in all possible ways.”

“So Wild,” the debut single of I Love You Both, is about the disappointment and despair of teens stuck between childhood and adulthood. It’s about a lost generation that wants to find itself but isn’t sure how.

I Love You Both

Zhezhel is the first Ukrainian producer unafraid to fight stereotypes. Kazaky helped illustrate that the Ukraine isn’t prejudiced — rather, it’s a country ready for change. Thankfully, Kazaky’s breakup didn’t stop Zhezhel, and we love this new project. Hopefully this is just the beginning for I Love You Both and the surprises Zhezhel promised.

Watch the I Love You Both video for “So Wild”:

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