James Acaster Slams Transphobic Comedians, Becomes Our Latest Crush

James Acaster Slams Transphobic Comedians, Becomes Our Latest Crush

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James Acaster — English comedian, panelist, host of podcasts and literally one of the funniest people in the world — is sick of transphobic comedians. In fact, he’s not just sick of them; this clip from his stand-up show (back in 2019, when stand-up and live audiences were a thing) shows just how ridiculous and unfunny Acaster thinks they are.

“Edgy comedians — no one tells them what they can and can’t say. They walk straight onstage, top of their specials sometimes, do 10 solid minutes just slagging off transgender people. Just straight out the gate, just making fun of transgender people, and if people on the internet get upset about it, the comedians always like ‘Bad luck! That’s my job. I’m a stand-up comedian. If you don’t like being challenged, don’t watch my shows. What’s the matter, guys? Too challenging for ya?’ … Ah yeah, ‘cause you know who’s been long overdue for a challenge — the trans community. Oh, they’ve let their guard down for too long if you ask me.”

Acaster goes on to say that while he used to name one of the transphobic comedians who makes these lame jokes, it began to get awkward … and then he goes on to call out Ricky Gervais anyway.

Ricky Gervais, who actually sucks so bad, is famous for hosting awards shows and not being funny on them. He has also decided that being transphobic is a hill he’s willing to die on for some reason.

Example after example of Gervais’ bigotry can be found on Twitter. Unsurprisingly, most of it came about after noted TERF J.K. Rowling outed herself as a hateful bitch — sorry, witch — in December of 2019. Lest we forget, here are all the Harry Potter stars who have spoken out against Jo’s heinous comments. And here is a timeline of Ricky Gervais’ career.

Since you’re inside anyway, you can watch James Acaster’s Repertoire on Netflix.

Who are some other transphobic comedians that need to be shown the door?

This article was originally published on January 15, 2021. It has since been updated.

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