Actor Jamie Dornan Shares the Embarrassing, Painful Thing He Did to His Pre-Teen Penis (Video)

Actor Jamie Dornan Shares the Embarrassing, Painful Thing He Did to His Pre-Teen Penis (Video)

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During an interview with openly gay celebrity talk show host Graham Norton, 35-year-old Irish actor Jamie Dornan shared an embarrassing story about the time he tried gluing fake public hair onto his crotch to seem more mature. The Jamie Dornan pubic hair story shall go down in his biography as one of the most awkward puberty stories ever told.

Sharing a couch with actors Liam Neeson and Helen Mirren, Dornan revealed to Graham that when he was 15 — that is, 17 years before his breakthrough performance in the sexual dramatic film 50 Shades of Grey — he tried gluing curly tufts from a cheap wig onto his smooth boyish pubic region.

“I was very sporty when I was a kid, but I was a late developer: I was small, I wasn’t very hairy, just one of those guys who, y’know, I was a bit behind and I was young for my year and that had a big effect on me or whatever,” Dornan said.

He continued, “Anyway, I was sort of balancing playing rugby at school and doing a bit of amateur dramatics,” and he says that one night culminated in a big rugby match with a huge party afterwards and also a competitive theatre competition in between the two.

In the play, he played a non-speaking but largely onstage role in Anton Chekov’s drama The Cherry Orchard. Thinking that he could play in the rugby match, star in the play and then go to the big party afterwards, he hatched a plan.

Dornan said:

Now, I was 15, I looked about seven. I had no hair or anything. Anyway, in the play, they had given me this sort of black, very acrylic, highly flammable wig that they used to cut off and UHU (glue) to my face to give me a beard, to give the appearance I was older.

So I thought it would be a good idea after the curtain came down on this play, and I’m going to this party after, and I meet a girl and maybe she ‘drops a hand.’ So I had the idea to maybe to cut off some extra hair from the very …

Here’s the hilarious Jamie Dornan pubic hair story:

By the way, he mentions, he was a very fair child with very blonde hair, meaning that his acrylic carpet wouldn’t exactly match his drapes. But anyway, he went into the toilet and cut some of the very curly, jet black hair from the wig. He put it in a “wee pile,” started smearing UHU glue over his prepubescent crotch, then stood in front of the mirror, looking at his makeshift merkin and thought, “That looks alright.”

At the party he met and kissed a girl and urged her (“without forcing her,” he adds) to touch him down there. She didn’t, and once he got home he was glad that she didn’t because, “It was a car crash down there.”

Seeing him blush after telling the Jamie Dornan pubic hair story, a smiling Helen Mirren asked him why the removal of his prosthetic pubes was so painful. Dornan said that the removal was painful both physical and emotionally.

“I did actually have about three pubes, naturally developed pubes. They went as soon as I [tore it off],” he laughed.

“Welcome to the world of waxing,” Mirren joked.

It’s alright though, because that awkward young 15-year-old grew up and turned into this:


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