You’ll LOL at This Sex Story From ‘Queer Eye’ Grooming Guy Jonathan Van Ness (Video)

You’ll LOL at This Sex Story From ‘Queer Eye’ Grooming Guy Jonathan Van Ness (Video)

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Jonathan Van Ness, the joke-cracking Queer Eye grooming guy and mastermind behind Gay of Thrones, delivered a stand-up routine last month in which he talked about having sex with a muscular dude who did a tongue pop as he climaxed. He says the experience made him face his own “toxic masculinity” by being “that femme queen who lets another femme queen be her femme queen.”

The Queer Eye grooming guy also talked about doing a “jallet” performance (that’s Jonathan combined with ballet) to a Jewel song in a handmade, muumuu-sized T-shirt with an upside down question mark on it and a sad face mask attached to the back of his head.

He says the routine is part of the reason he graduated from high school early.

Here’s the Jonathan Van Ness stand-up routine:

In an interview a week ago, Jonathan Van Ness spoke to Vulture about his joining the show as the Queer Eye grooming guy:

It started off with just a meeting, and I was like, “This is never gonna happen.” Even though I’m a hairdresser and I love doing hair, I feel like I don’t look like a groomer. When I think of how a groomer would look in relation to the first version of Queer Eye, I feel like I don’t fit in that box.

If you have body hair, I’m like, “Have your body hair. Have it sticking up the top of your shirt.” I’m really about body positivity and self-love, and I will definitely push the boundary with a pink midriff-baring top. So I just feel like I didn’t look necessarily like what a classic groomer looks like, so I didn’t think that I would get it. But I really wanted to be involved in it because Queer Eye was just something I loved so much.


What do you think of this stand-up routine by Queer Eye grooming guy Jonathan Van Ness? Sound off in the comments.

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