Here’s Why Justin Bieber Was Hanging Out in a Gay Bar in Zurich

Here’s Why Justin Bieber Was Hanging Out in a Gay Bar in Zurich

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Justin Bieber was spotted in Zurich on Saturday night, but it’s where the “Despacito” singer was seen that has tongues wagging: Sources tell People he and Hailey Baldwin were getting a drink at the Cranberry Bar, a popular gay club in the Swiss city.

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“I sat in the bar for 10 minutes when these four guys entered and walked around checking everything,” the tipster revealed. “I didn’t realize at the time, but they were Justin’s bodyguards.”

Baldwin and Bieber, who was wearing the same tie-dye sweatshirt he had on two days earlier in London, sat down at a table next to the insider.

“They ordered two beers and after that they kissed each other. They looked very intimate with each other,” the source says. “Justin was sometimes drumming on the table, but nobody realized it was him, so they weren’t disturbed by anyone.”

Which was probably why they chose a gay bar in the first place. But their PDA was a bit out of the norm.

“it was quite unusual for a gay bar to have that kind of hetero thing happening,” the source added. “They held hands a lot and kissed each other” while their bodyguards “stood by the door in the rain… always checking the window to see what was going on.”

The two stayed at Cranberry for around 40 minutes.

Bieber and Baldwin, daughter of one-time actor and current Trump supporter Stephen Baldwin, reportedly got married earlier this month at a New York City courthouse.

“Justin isn’t calling it a honeymoon, but he is treating Hailey like it is,” a source told People. He is crazy in love with her and just so insanely happy.” In addition to Zurich, the pair also visited London and Italy.

Both stars attend Hillsong Church, the controversial Australian mega-church started by Brian and Bobbie Houston in 1983. Hillsong has been accused of everything from financial improprieties and cult behavior to stacking the vote on Australian Idol and covering child-molestation charges against Brian Houston’s father.

Hillsong has a history of promoting conversion therapy, and the Houstons have spoken out against homosexuality and marriage equality. Brian Houston has also made it clear that out gay people can’t hold leadership roles in Hillsong, though he maintain Christians should be “compassionate” toward homosexuals.

Is chiseled Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz calling the shots for Bieber?

According to the church, more than 100,000 people attend services each week at the main church in Sydney or at one of its 80 affiliated temples worldwide. Hillsong “hipster” pastor Carl Lentz has had a powerful influence on Justin Bieber, who canceled the remainder of his Purpose tour in 2017 reportedly after the church told him to.

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