Some Straight White People Are Having a Literal Meltdown Over This Katherine Ryan Joke

Some Straight White People Are Having a Literal Meltdown Over This Katherine Ryan Joke

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Comedy queen Katherine Ryan recently made waves when she told a joke (Reminder: her career is in joke-telling) on national television in the United Kingdom. As a host on the BBC Two show All That Glitters: Britain’s Next Jewellery Star, a good portion of Ryan’s purpose is to set the contestants at ease, be funny and add some levity to the stress that comes from the competition. But this one Katherine Ryan joke was apparently a bridge too far.

On a recent episode, Ryan encouraged one contestant, Tamara, who seemed to be having a difficult time. “You need to really back yourself,” she said. “Do you know how confident a straight white man would be right now? Think of Boris Johnson. How pleased he’d be with himself right now.”

And that was it. That was the Katherine Ryan joke that caused a literal meltdown in some people.

However, as we all know, straight white men are the most oppressed group in the world (/s), and this Katherine Ryan joke was just taking their trauma (again, /s) too far.

People flocked to Twitter to express their utter disbelief at Ryan’s offensive and irresponsible comment:

“Why did the BBC think it was OK to broadcast sexist & racist stereotyping/demonising?” one viewer wants to know.

“As a jewellery maker I was taken aback by this comment on the @bbc jewellery competition #allthatglitters.”

“@BBC_Complaints I am sure I’m not the first to express my alarm at the comment ‘Think like a white man’ made by Katherine Ryan last night on all that glitters. Imagine if she would have said think like a black man!!!!”

Whew … there is a lot to unpack in this one.

Amazingly, the BBC has since responded, defending their host and the Katherine Ryan joke in question:

We were contacted by some viewers who were unhappy that Katherine Ryan made a joke about the confidence displayed by straight white men.

Many viewers of this programme will be familiar with Katherine Ryan’s well-established style of comedy after multiple appearances on BBC comedy programmes over the years. Comedy is one of the most subjective areas of programming and we can assure you we never set out to offend viewers with anything we show.

What do you think about the Katherine Ryan joke? Isn’t it time someone tried to make straight white men funny?

Photo at top: Katherine Ryan’s Instagram

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