On ‘International Bacon Day,’ Let’s Take a Look Back at These Kevin Bacon Nude Scenes

On ‘International Bacon Day,’ Let’s Take a Look Back at These Kevin Bacon Nude Scenes

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Today, Aug. 31, is International Bacon Day, which means there’s no better time than the present to pay homage to the nakedness of one of our favorite Hollywood stars. And our friends over at MrMan — a site that keeps tabs on all your favorite nude male film and TV stars — happen to agree. The site has put together not just a roundup of Kevin Bacon nude scenes, but have created a fun infographic dedicated to every co-star of the beloved actor who has dropped trou on-camera.

Kevin Bacon nude scenes can be found in at least four of his film projects. Bacon showed everything off in Wild Things (1998), Pyrates (1991), Murder in the First (1995) and Hollow Man (2000). Our favorite is definitely the scene from Wild Things in which Matt Dillon surprises Kevin Bacon nude in the shower and hands him a towel.

The Kevin Bacon nude scene (with Matt Dillon) from ‘Wild Things’

But MrMan doesn’t stop there with the International Bacon Day love!

The below infographic is a fun attempt at the film lover’s parlor game “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” which tries to tie any actor working in the industry to Kevin Bacon in six or fewer steps. MrMan has highlighted every co-star of Kevin Bacon who has himself gone naked on-camera, along with which film saw them bare it all.

Among our favorite famous nude scenes that made the cut are Ryan Reynolds in the lesser-known film Buying the Cow; Tom Hardy, who got naked quite a lot in the 2008 film Bronson; Ben Affleck, who famously stripped down for a shower scene in Gone Girl; Michael Pitt who bared it all in The Dreamers and Clive Owen, who showed what he was working with in Close My Eyes.

With a MrMan membership, you’re able to watch every Kevin Bacon nude scene and all the nude scenes of his co-stars through the years!

What’s your favorite Kevin Bacon nude scene? Any big plans for International Bacon Day?

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