The Strange Case of the Aussie Rocker Who Flashed His Penis (and the Trans Rapper Who Took Him Down)

The Strange Case of the Aussie Rocker Who Flashed His Penis (and the Trans Rapper Who Took Him Down)

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Jokey Australian rock singer-songwriter Kirin Callinan is known for his love of the tacky 1980s rock aesthetic and his questionable taste. So it’s not entirely surprising that he flashed his penis to photographers during the 2017 Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Music Awards last November. What is surprising, however, is that the singer has been been cleared of all charges after planning to plea guilty to “willful and obscene exposure in a public place.”

Callinan’s flashing of photographers occurred on Nov. 28, 2017, while on the ARIA red carpet outside of Sydney’s Star Casino. Photographers allegedly encouraged Callinan to lift up his kilt, and he obliged.

But soon after video of the flashing emerged (below), Callinan was charged by police and faced a potential $1,100 fine or a six-month prison sentence if found guilty.

As a result of his flashing, the Laneway Festival music event removed Callinan from its lineup after fellow festival artist and trans performer Sian Vandermuelen (AKA Miss Blanks) told event organizers that such behavior “shouldn’t be tolerated.”

Her post explaining her reasoning said that Kirin Callinan and his “long and recent history of reckless and insensitive actions reinforces an entitlement which permits Kirin and others like him to dismiss valid issues, and normalizes racism, ableism and sexual assault.”

Despite Vandermuelen’s victory in getting the rocker removed, Callinan stood up for the trans artist, telling fans not to hurl abuse at her despite being “a wee bit disappointed” at being removed from the festival lineup.

In an Instagram message (below), he wrote, “More important than some rocking concert, more relevant than resentment or regrets, is respect ~ for each & every one of us.”

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