Knives Out 2: Everything We Know & Everything We Want

Knives Out 2: Everything We Know & Everything We Want

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Knives Out was an instant success, and perhaps the last time any of us had any fun. With its insanely packed cast and hilarious, borderline-absurd script, the murder (not quite) mystery had all the makings of a cult classic in the same vein as Clue. So naturally we’re thrilled that it’s been recently announced that Knives Out is not just getting a Knives Out 2, but also a Knives Out 3, launching it into franchise territory.

Though most of the information surrounding Knives Out 2 has been kept under wraps, we do know that Daniel Craig is reprising his role as detective Benoit Blanc and that the cast so far is just as impressive as the first film’s. Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr., Kathryn Hahn, Janelle Monáe, Dave Bautista and Edward Norton have all joined. Rian Johnson, of course, is writing and directing.

Knives Out 2 director Rian Johnson

We may not have a ton of information about this next installment, but we do have some items on our Knives Out wish list we’d love to see ticked off.

Here are 5 things we want to see in Knives Out 2:

Leslie Odom Jr. in a cozy fisherman’s sweater

Chris Evans’ sweater in Knives Out was basically a character in and of itself. The masses were swooning. The official Knives Out Twitter page changed its display name to Chris Evans’ Sweater Stan Account. Everyone everywhere could not stop talking about how soft and handsome Captain America looked in a rich, ivory sweater. Well, we’re not ready to let go. We want another beautiful man in another beautiful sweater, and we want him now.

More mystery

Knives Out was a particularly interesting take on this genre because the “whodunnit” portion of the murder was revealed quite early on in the story. We think it’d be fun if the second installment in the trilogy fully embraced a mystery/suspense story, all with Johnson’s signature humorous writing, of course.

A loveable queer lead

LGBTQ folks famously love camp and drama — and what’s campier or more dramatic than rich people in the middle of a family dilemma? Genre films like this are a perfect opportunity for writers and creators to highlight how fun and resourceful queer folks can be without boiling all of our stories down to “coming out” or “being in a relationship.”

Mamma Mia!-esque sets

The film is set to be shot in Greece this summer, and we can’t think of anything more aesthetically pleasing than a murder mystery set in Donna Sheridan’s hotel. Maybe a strings-only version of “Waterloo” playing in the background as Benoit Blanc monologues about donut holes? Just spitballing here.

One more totally surprising but completely delightful cast member

It could be Danny Devito. It could be Keanu Reeves. Personally, we’re hoping it’s Cher.

What are you hoping to see in Knives Out 2?

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