During Her Vegas Show, Lady Gaga Had Some Choice Words for Homophobic VP Mike Pence

During Her Vegas Show, Lady Gaga Had Some Choice Words for Homophobic VP Mike Pence

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On Saturday night in Las Vegas, during her current concert residency “Enigma,” Lady Gaga had some harsh words for the current U.S. president and vice president. Naturally, the crowd ate it up. But it was the Lady Gaga Mike Pence criticism in particular that had people in the audience — and those who have watched online — really applauding the beloved pop star.

The Lady Gaga Mike Pence statement came near the end of her performance of “Million Reasons,” as she was sitting onstage at her piano.

When she first interrupted the song, she criticized Donald Trump for the current U.S. government shutdown, which has prevented hundreds of thousands of government employees from receiving their paychecks.

Then she turned to Mike Pence. Here’s what she had to say:

And to Mike Pence, who thinks it’s OK that his wife works at a school that bans LGBTQ people. You’re wrong. You’re the worst representation of what it means to be a Christian. I am a Christian woman, and what I do know about Christianity is that we bear no prejudice and everybody is welcome. So you can take all that disgrace, Mr. Pence, and look yourself in the mirror and you’ll find it right there.

The comments come not long after it was uncovered that the wife of Mike Pence, Karen, is now teaching at a Christian school in Virginia that bans LGBTQ people from being students or employees.

Watch the Lady Gaga Mike Pence criticism during her Vegas show here:

Also in this particular Las Vegas show, the power went out while Lady Gaga was riding inside a giant robot creature for the song “Scheiße.” It took about 15 minutes for the power to get restored, but the show continued.

“I think we blew the fucking power out tonight!” she told the crowd, to much applause.

What do you think of the Lady Gaga Mike Pence criticism?

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