RuPaul Personally Invited Comedian Superfan Leslie Jones to Guest Judge ‘Drag Race’ (Video)

RuPaul Personally Invited Comedian Superfan Leslie Jones to Guest Judge ‘Drag Race’ (Video)

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Saturday Night Live star and our favorite Ghostbuster, Leslie Jones spent Pride month this year watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and Paris Is Burning and tweeting about it. Her hilarious videos of her reacting to the reality competition’s dramatic moments established her as one of the show’s most enthusiastic celebrity superfans. Seeing her love for the show, Drag Race fans asked RuPaul via Twitter to invite Jones to serve as a special guest judge. And yesterday, on the entertainment news show Access Live, fans got their wish when RuPaul personally asked Jones to come on the show, much to Jones’ animated surprise. We gotta say, we’re looking forward to a Leslie Jones Drag Race episode, especially if Jones is as funny there as she is on Twitter.

Before this June, Jones had never seen a single episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race before. But when she started watching, she quickly learned the words to “Cover Girl,” the song RuPaul sashays down the runway to at the midpoint of every episode, and she’d also post videos of her gagging to the show’s most shocking scenes.

For example, in Season 4, during the lip-sync between rivals Sharon Needles and Phi Phi O’Hara, Jones was as shocked and confused as we were when Ru unexpectedly summoned Willam to the front of the stage.

Here’s Leslie Jones freaking out during Willam’s elimination from Drag Race:

Fast forward to yesterday when an Access Live hostess revealed to Jones that she had a special message for her.

RuPaul then appeared in a multi-colored dress telling Jones, “Leslie gurl, you gotta get up on this show. We ready for you. We got your seat ready, honey. You betta get up on Drag Race. I love what you doing on social, baby. I know you watching all the shows, so come on. See us right now, girl. Let’s get Jones on the train.”

Here’s a video of RuPaul inviting Leslie Jones onto Drag Race:

When they cut back to Jones, she just had her mouth open in stunned silence before screaming, “Oh my god!” and asking the co-hosts if they noticed how beautiful RuPaul’s dress was.

During her Drag Race binge earlier this year, Leslie posted in praise of RuPaul, writing, “I want to say thank you to you, RuPaul. I’m watching your show. And boo, you are about your business and entertaining. … Your show should be on [a] major network so everyone can see it. No shade, VH1, I just think the world needs RuPaul.”

RuPaul is looking forward to the Leslie Jones Drag Race episode

As you probably know, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 and All-Stars 4 are currently in post-production having both been shot earlier this summer, so it’s going to be a while before we see a Leslie Jones Drag Race episode. But whenever it airs, it’ll be a must-watch episode for any true Drag Race fan.

What would you want to see in a Leslie Jones Drag Race episode?

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