Former Gay Porn Star Logan McCree Has Turned Into a Men’s Rights Activist

Former Gay Porn Star Logan McCree Has Turned Into a Men’s Rights Activist

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If you watched gay porn from 2007 to 2010, chances are you remember Logan McCree, a German-born performer known for his head-to-toe tattoos — even his scalp, butt cheeks and penis have tattoos on them. The scruffy versatile porn star was super sexy and known for dabbling in kink. But alas, it’s our regret to inform you that since disappearing from porn, he has turned into a men’s rights activist (MRA).

VICE reporter Robert Jackman reports that he met McCree (birth name Philipp Tanzer) at the International Conference on Men’s Issues last month, the world’s largest conference for men’s rights activism.

Since leaving the world of porn, Tanzer moved to Scotland where he runs an art gallery. Though he identified as gay while working in porn, he says he never felt quite like he fit into the “gay world.” He started dating a woman, to some of his fans’ disappointment, but continued to sleep with men on the side (with her permission).

Weirdly, Jackman says that Tanzer’s interest in MRA issues began when he began to think about having a child with his girlfriend. Though he still has no children, he heard stories about fathers losing custody of their children to mothers and worried that the same thing might one day happen to him.

Jackman says lots of men become MRAs out of fear of what might happen to them.

“Tanzer insisted he had always supported gender equality,” Jackman writes. “The problem for him, [Tanzer] said, was that most modern feminists now shunned egalitarianism in favor of special privileges for women, while simultaneously labeling themselves as victims.”

Jackman doesn’t ask Tanzer how he feels about MRAs having a long gross history of allies who defend child molesters and racist groups like the KKK, oppose women and people of color appearing in film, accuse women of regularly falsifying rape accusations (even though only 2 to 10% of all rape accusations are fake) and issue rape and death threats to women online, calling attempts to stop them “censorship.”

Are there real social issues that harm men? Absolutely. Are MRAs the best group to handle them? Ehhhh….

What do you think of Logan McCree becoming a men’s rights activist?

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