A Countdown of 2021’s Top 10 Male Celebrity Nude Scenes

A Countdown of 2021’s Top 10 Male Celebrity Nude Scenes

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The list of 2021’s Top 10 Male Celebrity Nude Scenes is finally here!

We wait all year for the folks at Mr. Man to deliver the most enticing male nude scenes, and it turns out that 2021 was one of the best years for male celebrity nudity ever.

Despite the pandemic, Hollywood still churned out tons of smoking hot content. Like, for real. Here’s just a taste of what you can find in this year’s top ten list: Star Wars and Dune star Oscar Isaac’s penis in Scenes From a Marriage, twunk Ben Hardy’s long penis in the erotic thriller The Voyeurs, Adam Driver’s butthole (yup.), Adam Demos’s viral foot-long (prosthetic?) penis, and the Winter Soldier himself Sebastian Stan’s flopping shaved package.

And don’t even get us started on Jesse LaVercombe’s erect penis in Violation. Like, you can actually see it pulsing with excitement. Insert drool emoji.

Preview all 10 of this year’s official selections for top male celebrity nude scenes below (no, we’re not gonna show you the real thing here on Hornet, sorry!), and make sure to hit up the full list of 2021’s Top 10 Male Celebrity Nude Scenes — where you can see all of these full scenes for FREE!

2021 was young, hung, and full of cum.

Here are Mr. Man’s Top 10 Male Celebrity Nude Scenes of 2021:

10. Ewan McGregor and Sullivan Jones in Halston

Ewan as the iconic designer receives anal sex from behind from Sullivan. It’s always in fashion. 

9. Ben Hardy in The Voyeurs

This blonde twunk has some serious junk in his front trunk.

8. Adam Driver in Annette

In this film, you see Adam Driver’s butthole. That’s the tweet.

7. Murray Bartlett and Lukas Gage in The White Lotus

The show’s viral ass-eating scene was actually thought up by these two stars. (The script originally called for a generic sex scene). So, thanks!

6. Jesse LaVercombe in Violation

In the scene we’re referring to, you can actually see it throbbing.

5. Sebastian Stan in Monday

The A-list Marvel star dared to bare his shaved cock.

4. Peter Vack in PVT Chat

For this film, Peter Vack actually masturbates in a scene lasting over a full minute.

3. Oscar Isaac in Scenes from a Marriage

Star Wars. Dune. This. What can’t Oscar Isaac do?

2. Jeremy Williams in All the Queen’s Men

Only one dick can beat what Jeremy Williams is packing …

1. Adam Demos in Sex/Life

Netflix claims that 20 million of this series’ 60 million viewers rewatched the shower scene in question. They’re probably wondering if that foot-long penis is real or not!

What were your favorite male celebrity nude scenes of 2021?

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