This Hunky Handyman Made a Male Version of the ‘Christmas Story’ Leg Lamp (Video)

This Hunky Handyman Made a Male Version of the ‘Christmas Story’ Leg Lamp (Video)

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One of the best scenes from Bob Clark’s iconic 1983 holiday comedy A Christmas Story is when the father of the family wins a lamp in the shape of a woman’s leg in a fishnet stocking. The young narrator later refers to the leg lamp as “electric sex” as it shines in the family’s front window, much to his mother’s embarrassment.

Numerous companies sell recreations of the lamp, but Paul Jackman, a YouTube carpenter who makes custom furnishings, recently made a male version of the lamp featuring a muscular leg in a work boot — it’s as sexy as the original, but with a hunky twist that even mom could love.

Before we show you Jackman’s male recreation, let’s relive the lamp scene from A Christmas Story, real quick.

Here’s the scene of the leg lamp from A Christmas Story:

As the film goes on, the “The Battle of the Lamp” becomes a point of contention between Ralphie the narrator’s parents. You’ll have to watch the film if you want to know who wins, but now let’s take a closer look at Jackman’s lamp.

To create it, he basically printed a paper silhouette of his leg as view from the side and back. He then cut several pieces of wood into the shape of the side view, glued them together, shaved and sanded down the sides to resemble the shape and musculature of an actual man-leg and then hollowed out the center to run wiring through.

Then he steel-bolted a workboot to a circular wooden stand, wood-stained the whole thing, created a fringed lampshade out of reinforced iron bars and leather panels. He even made a shipping crate for it, similar to the one in the movie.

Here’s a video showing Jackman constructing his male leg lamp:

Its masculine and woodsy yet kitschy and sexy. And if you want to make your own, he even made an Imgur post detailing how he did it.


Featured image by Adam Hobbs via Finders Keepers

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