‘Dragula’ Season 2 Winner Biqtch Puddin Serves High Art & Low Class in This Hilarious New Video

‘Dragula’ Season 2 Winner Biqtch Puddin Serves High Art & Low Class in This Hilarious New Video

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Biqtch Puddin is more than just the winner of The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula Season 2. She’s also the star of MasterBiqtch Theater — and truly a very serious artist. (Well, depending on how loosely you define the words “serious” and “artist,” that is.)

Biqtch Puddin cut her teeth in the drag world by co-founding Georgia’s infamously subversive drag family The House of Gunt while attending Savannah College of Art & Design’s Performing Arts program. Her training from SCAD served her well on Dragula — having dominated the performance challenges, she went on to eventually snatch the title of Drag Supermonster.

Now based in Los Angeles, Biqtch continues to haunt crowds of fans, performing alongside legendary queens from coast to coast as she takes her special brand of filth on tour. She recently appeared at Drag Race winner Sasha Velour’s show Nightgowns at National Sawdust in Brooklyn, where Biqtch literally gagged the audience — and Mama Velour — with a grotesque janitor number in which she guzzled dirty mop water.

But now that Biqtch Puddin officially has the world’s attention, she’s ready to return to her roots in the theater.

During her recent stop in NYC, Biqtch Puddin asked our team if we’d like to preview the new “performance art” she’s been developing. We’re big supporters of the arts here at Hornet, so we naturally jumped at the chance and sent our very own comedy queer, Topher Cusumano, to document the whole thing for your enjoyment. Or disgust. (Again, it all depends on how you define these things.)

Biqtch dazzled us with an evening of monologues we’ve titled “MasterBiqtch Theater” at the Lower East Side’s historic 13th Street Repertory. The creep queen displayed the type of acting prowess New York critics are sure to hail as “icky at best, deranged at worst.”

Tackling a range of important topics — from Kim K’s (alleged) wig to Aja’s tea-filled tweet about the scandalous All-Stars 3 finale — Biqtch proved once and for all that the “F” in her BFA stands for “fucked up.”

It’s pretty obvious to us that Biqtch Puddin has a bright future ahead of her on Broadway. Maybe on Broadway and 34th Street, working as one of those weirdos who dress like cartoon characters and pester you for photos and cash.

Check out MasterBiqtch Theater below. After that, go and join Biqtch Puddin’s army of ghouls on Instagram.

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