A Pro-Trump Twitter Troll Was Using a Picture of Hunky Gay Go-Go Boy Matthew Camp as His Own

A Pro-Trump Twitter Troll Was Using a Picture of Hunky Gay Go-Go Boy Matthew Camp as His Own

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Hunky model Matthew Camp recently discovered a pro-Trump Twitter user using Camp’s photos as his profile picture. Initially Twitter didn’t respond to the Matt Camp Twitter complaints over his image use, but the pro-Trump Twitter user has since changed his profile pic from Camp to that of an equally adorable puppy dog.

The Twitter profile of pro-Trump user @seaman0333 says “gay conservative PROUD TRUMP SUPPORTER #MAGA ??#ProNRA..#AmericaFirst..?PC..avid dog lover!!! Country music?Don’t knock my POTUS!!!”

Allow us to choke back the vomit that just came up in our throats real quick. Bleccch.


Who is the pro-Trump gay conservative behind the Matt Camp Twitter kerfuffle?

His profile name is actually SeeBass, which is actually a homonym of a violent (and ostensibly gay) trucker from the 1994 buddy comedy Dumb and Dumber. In the film, Sea Bass bullies the two idiotic protagonists in a diner. Later on, one of the protagonists (Lloyd) uses a public restroom stall with a message saying to be in the stall on March 25th at 2:15 A.M., for “manly love.”

Naturally, it just happens to be that exact date and time in the toilet stall, and the person who comes looking for manly love is Sea Bass. Although Sea Bass threatens to rape and then kill Lloyd — first stripping down his own pants and then grabbing his bulge in his leopard-print bikini briefs — Lloyd is rescued by his friend.

Of course a gay conservative Trump supporter named himself after a toilet rapist and murderer — makes perfect sense.


How the Matt Camp Twitter incident came to an end

Anyway, Camp apparently caught wind of SeeBass using his picture and publicly shared a screenshot while asking him to stop.

Camp later reported, “I contacted #twitter and they wouldn’t remove it!!!” It’s unclear how SeeBass got the news because he eventually replaced his image of Camp with one of a puppy dog (below).

Camp has become more prominent in the gay blogosphere through his thirst-inducing Instagram pics and FansOnly account. Let’s enjoy some of those pics now.

Good times.


Featured image by Matt Camp Instagram

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