The Beginning of the End Is Here for Milo, Who Has Turned Against His Supporters

The Beginning of the End Is Here for Milo, Who Has Turned Against His Supporters

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Between being dropped by his book publisher and lawyers, getting shouted out of a New York City bar for being a Nazi and getting booted from a political conference just last week, toxic gay alt-right douchebag Milo Yiannopoulos has had a rocky couple of years. So it’s perhaps understandable why Yiannopoulos blew up at his Facebook followers this past weekend for not being more supportive of him. This recent Milo Yiannopoulos Facebook rant shows him feeling sorry for himself while also turning on his own fans, which is both funny and a little sad in a ‘world’s tiniest violin’ kind of way.

This past weekend Yiannopoulos posted a Facebook video of himself enjoying dinner and drinking a cocktail (while wearing sunglasses inside the restaurant, of course). But because the notorious pundit hasn’t posted a lot of new content to his personal site — where fans pay a subscription fee just to hear podcasts of him ranting — they began to rail against his vanity, blasting him for spending their money while ignoring them.

Yiannopoulos then railed against his followers for not protesting in the streets over how badly he’s treated by the left-wing media, how he has to spend a lot of money just to do business in America — “a country I don’t even belong to,” he adds.

He also lamented his lack of recognition for helping to get Trump elected and how “I have lost everything standing up for the truth in America, spent all my savings, destroyed all my friendships, and ruined my whole life.”

Awwww, poor baby.

Here’s the Milo Yiannopoulos Facebook rant against his fans:

What’s most masterful is how capably this lengthy Milo Yiannopoulos Facebook rant redirected the conversation from criticism of himself to self-sympathy and criticism of his fans for not supporting him enough.

Last year Yiannopoulos got booted from the far-right website Breitbart over his comments supporting child rape. He also got re-banned from Twitter for calling black comedian Leslie Jones “barely literate” and “a black dude.” He was later exposed for working with white supremacists, plagiarizing Tori Amos and throwing himself a sad birthday party.

Then, after having his book deal trashed and the embarrassing editor’s notes of his manuscript published online, Yiannopolous dropped his doomed-to-fail lawsuit against the book’s would-be publisher Simon & Schuster after his lawyers dumped him. He has since been reduced to shilling useless health supplements on the far-right conspiracy outlet Infowars.

What do you think of this recent Milo Yiannopoulos Facebook rant?

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